Britain's Got Talent finalist Magical Bones leaves Holly Willoughby amazed with incredible trick live on This Morning

BRITAIN's Got Talent finalist Magical Bones left Holly Willoughby amazed with an incredible card trick live on This Morning.

The 37-year-old from London appeared on the ITV show today via video link and told presenters Holly, 39, and Phil, 58, he wanted to perform a "traditional" trick.

Bones had wowed the BGT judges on Saturday night by taking to the stage with several dancers doing backflips, before conjuring his girlfriend – who he hadn't seen in months because of Covid – from a box.

But today, the talented magician told Holly and Phil: "I want to show you a traditional piece of magic, and something I've done on Zoom many times.

"I've got a pack of playing cards, I'll start with you Holly. I'm going to run through the cards like this, and at any moment you like you're going to stay stop."

Holly was determined to unravel the magic trick, with one fan tweeting: "Holly channeling her inner magician 🤣🤣"

Holly dutifully said "stop" as Bones flicked through the cards and she landed on the two of hearts.

Before putting the card away Bones gave it a rub to create "friction" and was able to lift it up with just the tip of one finger.

Bones put the card away, but it was his big reveal that got fans tweeting more and Holly even appeared emotional as she saw the magic in front of her.

Bones magically created two hearts out of his headphones cable, leaving fans stunned.

One said: "I'm totally spellbound by Magical bones. He does he do all those things. He is just incredible. Bring on the final now."

Another said: "I hope that Magical Bones goes far after this!! He’s got and amazing stage presence and I love that he included the story about a former slave into his act."

Another wrote: "Magical bones is incredible and so down to earth. I love his mix of dance and magic a great mix of fusion . I can't wait for his final performance."

Bones also spoke about combining his dance and magic to continue the story told in his first audition of Henry Box Brown, a 19th-century Virginia slave who escaped to freedom and ended up working as a magician.

He said: "Henry Box Brown was a former slave from the 1800s and he had this life of slavery but basically his pregnant wife and their three children were taken away and sold to different slave owners.

"So had this imagination to escape from slavery and he created this escape by mailing himself in a box, and I think that is the greatest escape act of all time."

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