Bradley Walsh savages Pointless after Chase player error

Bradley Walsh jokes 'we're galloping into pointless territory'

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Four new players were in for a chance of winning thousands of pounds on this week’s first edition of The Chase. Although presenter Bradley Walsh was impressed by some of the team’s quizzing abilities, he made a sly dig at the ITV game show’s BBC rival, Pointless, after the team failed to earn a considerable sum to take them into the final round.

The Chase host Bradley slammed Pointless once again after Monday’s team secured a jackpot of only £2,000.

This week, Mark, Rachel, Pauline and Sam faced off against Paul Sinha for a chance to take home several thousands of pounds in cash.

Although players frequently take home tens of thousands of pounds, this week’s winners opted for Chaser Paul Sinha’s low offers after their middling cash builders.

Unfortunately, their performance was rather disappointing, and they managed to tally up just £2,000 in the first two rounds.

Upon seeing the result, Bradley made a cheeky reference to Pointless’s infamously low prizes before the break.

After Pauline’s success, he congratulated her: “Pauline, put it there, you’re through! Well played.

“Fantastic – we’re absolutely setting the world alight with two players through with two grand!

“Wow! We’re galloping into Pointless territory,” he added sarcastically.

As opposed to The Chase, Pointless slowly builds up its jackpot by adding £250 to the prize each week.

Although there have been some impressive cash prizes, it’s rare to see a player take home more than a few thousand pounds.

In contrast, The Chase player Dan holds the record for the biggest solo win after he went home with a life-changing prize of £80,000.

On Monday, the team sadly wasn’t looking too hopeful at the halfway point after contestant Rachel was sent home.

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Mark almost managed to pull things back for the remaining three players when he racked up an impressive £7,000 in the cash builder round.

Both Bradley and his teammates were also impressed when he decided to go for Paul’s high offer of a whopping £58,000.

Sadly, the capable player was caught after a tricky round with the Sinnerman, leaving Pauline and Sam to face the finale on their own.

Bradley teased the players yet again once Mark had been eliminated and the remaining double act prepared to fight for their £2,000 prize in the final.

“Wow! I hear you say. They might get away with it!” he joked.

The host couldn’t help commending Sam when he dominated the final round and managed to answer 17 questions correctly.

Paul admitted he “blew it” when he failed to catch up to their final score, and Pauline and Sam were still thrilled to win despite their relatively low winnings.

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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