Bosch Legacy star auditioned for co-star roles in original Bosch drama

Bosch Legacy premiered earlier this month on Friday, May 6, on Amazon Prime Video. While Harry Bosch (played by Titus Welliver) has retired from the police force, the spin-off sees him pursuing a career in private investigation instead. Bosch is joined by his daughter Maddie (Madison Lintz) and lawyer Honey Chandler (Mimi Rogers), as well as a new character who has been thrown into the mix.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Bosch Legacy.

Actress Denise Sanchez is behind the role of LAPD officer Reina Vasquez in Bosch Legacy.

Despite Bosch choosing to step back from his detective work in the police, Maddie is still keen to pursue her own career as a police officer.

Watching her every move to ensure she gets it right is Maddie’s training officer Reina who soon also becomes her confidante.

Reina is straight-talking, hoping to push her mentee to the limits to see if she has what it takes to be in the police.

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Prior to joining Bosch Legacy, actress Sanchez had a number of much smaller TV roles.

Some of which have included Sorry For Your Loss, General Hospital, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Criminal Minds.

Her biggest part prior to the crime drama was in the comedy The Good Place as a recurring character called Andie.

The following year, she was also in FX’s Mayans MC for a few episodes as a character called Alicia.

During a conversation with, Sanchez explained there was an opportunity for her to feature in the original Bosch drama before landing the role of Reina.

She said: “I hadn’t watched it [properly before auditioning for Bosch Legacy].

“I had actually auditioned for a couple of co-star roles in the last season of Bosch so for research purposes I had to watch a few episodes just to get familiar with the show, back when this was the last of the original season.

“They were a couple of small co-star roles, one of them was a bartender, the other one a waitress.”

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“It was very serendipitous, because I remember I had auditioned for them three times, like really small co-star one-liners, just like citizens here and there,” Sanchez continued.

“They booked me and my manager was like ‘you know, this is their last season, so if it’s not this, obviously they like you and they’ll bring you back in the room if they wanted to do a different project [with me].

“So I was pinned for the waitress role and at the very last minute they were like ‘sorry we love her, I know we keep bringing her in but we’re going to go in a different direction.’

“But it worked out, because they presumably remembered me and I ended up getting a much bigger role [in Bosch Legacy]. I couldn’t have asked for a better situation.”

Bosch Legacy released its first three episodes on its initial premiere date on Friday, May 6.

Since then, two new instalments have come out every Friday on Amazon Prime Video with the next due on Friday, May 20.

The synopsis for the first of two episodes, One of Your Own, reads: “Bosch takes on a re-opened case; Maddie is brought onto a case about a cop shooter; Chandler struggles with the aftermath from Carl Rogers.”

Bosch Legacy is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video.

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