'Blue Bloods': Eddie Is at the Center of a Conspiracy Theory in New Episode

A new episode of Blue Bloods is coming and one of the main characters will be in hot water. Eddie (Vanessa Ray) will have a heroic moment on the job, but then gets accused of being involved in a government conspiracy.

Eddie will be at the center of a conspiracy on ‘Blue Bloods’

The Jan. 22 episode will be called “Spilling Secrets”. According to Showbiz Junkies, the partners will stop an active shooter. But a conspiracy theorist will claim the whole situation was fake as part of a government conspiracy.

This is another episode this season where Eddie and Rachel’s (Lauren Patten) story will be similar to things that are currently happening. The popularity of conspiracy theories have affected law enforcement recently.

The season started with Eddie having to help a distressed woman find the body of her loved one after he died of COVID-19. The woman didn’t trust Eddie because of how law enforcement has mishandled other situations.

Season 11 will have a balance of reality and escape with stories

Executive producer Kevin Wade told TV Insider that the show will try to strike a balance in the new season. “In the season going forward, we try to provide the points of view of the people who are charged with protecting and the people who sometimes charge them with stepping over boundaries in that protection,” he said. “Those are both true and fair stories to tell.”

Eddie’s story won’t be the only one reflecting current events this season. Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) is still solving cases with his partner, Maria Baez (Marisa Ramierz) but he might have to change his attitude.

“Danny is more aware on a personal level that being the kind of rogue cop who breaks rules and steps on boundaries, if it was ever cool, is really not cool now,” Wade said.

“Many of the [early] stories revolve around him making choices based on the fact that the climate has changed, that public opinion of police has been influenced by some brutal behavior,” he continued.

We haven’t seen Danny confront this yet. “Spilling Secrets” will show Danny and Baez investigating a murder of the father of two brothers who are rivals.

The Reagans have been at the center of controversy this season

The accusation against Eddie in the upcoming episode is just another time the Reagans will be making headlines this season. Joe Hill (Will Hochman) was revealed to be part of the Reagan family publicly a few episodes ago.

This backfired on him with fellow officers accusing him of lying to them before. He got into a fight then decided to take a break from work. He also has stopped going to the weekly family dinners.

Joe has yet to make his return to the table. Hopefully, he will come back soon.

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