Big Brother viewers squirm as George Galloway purrs and nibbles from Rula Lenska’s hand as he pretends to be a cat – The Sun

BIG Brother viewers were left squirming tonight as they watched George Galloway pretend to be a cat in an all-time classic episode.

The former Respect and Labour MP, 65, nibbled from actress Rula Lenska's hands in the famous reality TV scene replayed on tonight's Best Shows Ever.

Despite his illustrious career, the politician may be best remembered for his bizarre impression of a cat on the reality series in 2006.

The cringey cat scene left the whole country queasy, after the Scots politician purred like a pussy as Rula scratched behind his ears for the TV cameras.

Their antics are hailed as one of the horror highlights of the reality show’s colourful 17-year history.

The bizarre roleplay began with George purring: "Now would you like me to be the cat?"

Timidly licking his paws, George is reassured by Rula, who said: "Pussy, pussy, pussy, it's okay, it's okay."

What played out next was truly frightening as George slowly made his way to Rula on his hands and knees before pretending to eat from her hand.

Once he had his fill of imaginary kibble, he rested his head on her lap.

Viewers found it a tough watch with one writing: "Every time I hear George Galloway speak those words Face vomitingFace vomitingFace vomiting #BBUK."

Another shared: "Nooooooooooooo the George Galloway scene is too much even now ."

A third commented: "Now watching George Galloway being a cat Face vomitingFace vomitingFace vomitingFace vomitingFace vomiting so wrong lol."

Tomorrow's show will centre around Jade Goody's appearance in the Rich/Poor Divide from Big Brother 3 will air on On Monday, June 22.

Tuesday's installment on June 23 will see The Tree of Temptation from Celebrity Big Brother 7.

Last week, viewers saw the return of Caprice, Jackie Stallone and the late John McCririck from series three of the show.

John, who sadly passed away last year, wasted no time offending the women in the Celebrity Big Brother house back in 2007 and would wander around the house semi-naked at all hours.

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