Big Brother live feed updates: Spoilers reveal Power of Veto plan

Big Brother live feed updates from the weekend cover a number of spoilers that have been revealed. Subscribers have already learned who won the Power of Veto, but also what might happen at the upcoming Veto Ceremony.

The houseguests played for the Power of Veto on Saturday, with the CBS feeds showing the celebration of the winner taking place later in the evening. It was Kathryn Dunn who won the Power of Veto this time.

Will the Power of Veto get used on a nominee?

Kathryn was seen celebrating with Jessica Milagros in the Storage Room, seemingly confirming that Kathryn will save Jessica from the block. That will force Head of Household Nick Maccarone to put someone else on the block. For that, he already has a plan.

There has been a push to get Nicole Anthony nominated and evicted this week. Some of the houseguests were pushing to have her backdoored. Nick has stated that he will play along with that idea and put Nicole on the block next to Cliff Hogg.

Nick is also working to get Cliff evicted on Thursday night. By flipping the vote, it would certainly cause severe damage to the alliance that has been running the house this summer.

But will Nick really follow through with saving Nicole? And does he actually have the votes to do it? Will the current showmances impact the next vote?

Veto Ceremony on Monday

Kathryn will host the latest Veto Ceremony on Monday, where she will have the chance to save either Jessica or Cliff from the block. It’s interesting to see someone outside of the main alliances winning a competition, which could make for some good TV when she announces her decision.

There are going to be more Big Brother live feed updates in regard to this situation, including defined spoilers about the final nominees for eviction this week. That information should be revealed later on Monday.

Big Brother has CBS episodes Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday night.

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