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BIG Brother fans have been left in shock after they learned Paloma Aguilar might have left the game.

The contestant was not seen on the hidden cameras in the house and now the live feeds are down.

Paloma might be out of the game as of late Wednesday night, according to Big Brother Network.

Paloma's possible departure from the house after fans alleged she portrayed controversial behavior towards contestant Taylor Hale.

No confirmation by CBS has been issued yet.

The 22-year-old entered the diary room around 2 pm yesterday and hadn't been seen since.

Houseguests were not talking about her absence until about five hours later.


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Ameerah Jones and Kyle Capener finally broke their silence on the matter.

They discussed how they need Paloma to stay in the game.

Before the feeds cut away from that conversation, Kyle mentioned that production said they needed to talk to Paloma.

On July 13 around 8:43 pm Big Brother time, the feeds cut to pet cams, which usually means a competition or an event that will take a long time is happening.

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As of this morning, the live feeds have not turned back on.

This could be due to the fact that tonight's show is live and they might address Paloma's rumored departure during that time.

When the feeds cut, fans started to become suspicious and searched the internet for clues.

About an hour later, a trusted Big Brother Twitter page, Hamster Watch, tweeted: "A source has informed me Paloma is gone."

It is unclear, however, if she self-evicted or was asked to leave.


Big Brother fans took to Reddit and Twitter to discuss Paloma's shocking possible departure.

"She was a fun watch at first but it was getting increasingly worrisome. I’ll miss watching her but mental health is a priority. I hope she gets whatever help she needs," wrote one fan.

A Twitter user said: "Wow just saw Paloma left. My only question is how are they screening these people? This whole week has been hard to watch in so many ways because of their choices. #BB24"

"Guess she’s not a girls girl," one fan said, in reference to her alliance's name.

"Omg, I am praying it's true. She's self-destructing before our eyes and it's best for her to not be there," said one worried fan claimed.

A fan on Twitter simply asked: "WAIT PALOMA LEFT THE SHOW???? #bb24."

A concerned Reddit fan said: "I really hope she is ok if this ends up being true."

"A major hit to this season's entertainment value if true, but if a player's health and safety are in jeopardy that's obviously more important. Hope everything's ok," wrote another.


Paloma's possible departure from the house after fans alleged she portrayed controversial behavior towards contestant Taylor Hale.

Paloma's possible departure from the house comes after fans allegedshe portrayed controversial behavior towards contestant Taylor Hale.

Some of her reported behavior included thinking that they are "in a simulation" and wanting to "put chairs by the pool to see if it was real."

Other viewers think she her odd actions are due to a lack of sleep.

Meanwhile, Paloma, along with Alyssa Snider, 24, referred to Taylor as "pageant girl" instead of her name, after telling the house she won Miss Michigan.

Just hours after moving into the house, the women were heard on the feeds giving Taylor the nickname.

"Another thing is with 'pageant girl' is like we need to also get in good with the guys. Like she cannot dominate being like the seductress of the guys," Paloma said.

Later in the day, Paloma and Jasmine Davis, 29, appeared to be making fun of the way Taylor walks.

Poking fun at their fellow contestant, Paloma said: "She walked by me and was like…"

Then she proceeded to tilt her head from side to side while Jasmine laughed.

"I swear she does it wherever she goes," the 22-year-old continued.

"Yesterday, she was in the storage room and was like…"

Paloma stuck her head out and back and walked slowly, then turned around like someone would in a pageant.

Jasmine continued to laugh as Paloma said "It's like a bent over the back thing," and proceeded to demonstrate her walk.

She was also part of an alliance called the Girl's Girls, which excluded only two women, Taylor and Nicole Layog, 41.

Paloma told the HOH at one point that he needed to put Taylor up because she "scares the s**t out of me and everyone else."


A live eviction episode of Big Brother is set to air at 9 pm tonight.

Taylor and Terrance Higgins are on the block, but host Julie Chen Moonves teased on finale night that it doesn't mean they will be the first to go home.

While eviction is still expected to go on tonight, nothing is confirmed.

Paloma was one of three castmates who were part of the Backstage Twist.

Julie told whoever was involved with the twist that they couldn't go up on the block or be a replacement nominee, but they also couldn't play in any competitions.

The real kicker was that she said it doesn't mean they can't go home on eviction night.

That was all the information viewers were given, so what will happen with the twist tonight, now that Paloma is gone, is uncertain.

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Her reason for leaving is currently unknown.

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