Beat The Chasers' Mark Labbett left red-faced as contestant reveals mum wants her to marry him

BEAT The Chasers' Mark Labbett was left red-faced last night after a contestant revealed her mum wants her to marry him.

Host Bradley Walsh was impressed that Claire had made her way from New Zealand to take part.

And the bubbly quizzer admitted she was on a mission set by her mum Nancy.

She explained: "The whole reason I'm here is my mother, since the moment The Chase has been broadcast in New Zealand, has rung me up and asked me to go on because she believes I should marry Mark…"

Mark looked bashful behind his podium and raised his hands to his face.

Bradley joked: "Is Nancy on heavy medication?"

While there were plenty of laughs, viewers were also furious during the show when a "sure win" contestant narrowly missed out on a huge £100,000 prize pot by just one second.

Rahim decided to take a risk as he took on all five Chasers so that he could try and secure the eye-watering jackpot.

He got off to a great start, speeding through his questions either by answering or passing before Bradley had even finished asking most of them.

As the round drew to an end, the Chasers had just one second on the clock while Rahim had 20 – but in an unbelievable turn, he went on to get three questions wrong and pass on another as the clock ran down.

The student casually shrugged and said "oh well" after missing out on the prize, but Bradley was clearly frustrated as he put his head on the desk, saying: "I can't believe that, that was unbelievable."

Chaser Paul Sinha praised: "I've not seen anyone do what you've done and that's come on here and throw away questions after two seconds.

"Clearly his brain is unbelievably speedy, the ones you knew you knew just like that."

Bradley agreed: "I think you were a brilliant player and one day, in the not so distant future – if you keep quizzing – you'll be sitting up there."

Viewers at home couldn't wrap their heads around the narrow loss, and flocked to Twitter to share their gut-wrenching reaction.


Another agreed: "Man had 20 seconds left when @ITVChase chasers had one second left……ONE SECOND!!! FFS PAL!!!"

A third echoed: "Cannot believe Rahim could have won £100,000 and the Chasers only had one second on the clock. Absolutely gutted for him. I was sure he'd win."

Earlier in the programme, fans were left shocked when Chaser Mark Labbett raged at Shaun Wallace for taking too long to answer a question in an awkward spat.

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