BBC Breakfasts Nina Warhurst opens up on dads horrible dementia

Pregnant Nina Warhurst presents BBC Breakfast

Nina Warhurst gave BBC Breakfast viewers an insight into what it is like to spend a day with her father who is suffering from dementia.

She recalled one “horrible” moment which saw one woman roll her eyes at them when her father struggled to pay at a supermarket till.

The BBC star explained it was “hurtful” to experience as she tries to do her best to care for her father.

In a film for BBC Breakfast, Nina was seen picking up her father, with it taking an hour to get him up and ready for the day, before they headed to Costa Coffee for breakfast.

When deciding what to eat, Nina explained that she didn’t like to assume what her father wanted to eat and would converse with him to get him to make a choice of his own.

The same goes for paying as she explained she didn’t want to be the one to constantly use his card and would often give him his bank card to allow him a sense of choice and freedom.

Settled with their breakfast, Nina explained: “We have always been a family obsessed with food, sitting and sharing.

“I want my dad to be able to choose his own lunch and use his own money for as long as possible, I think that is really important.

“We have had some brilliant experiences,” before a waiter came over and asked whether he wanted more sugar, patiently waiting for his decision.

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However, Nina continued: “But we have had some horrible moments, I remember a supermarket worker rolled her eyes at us because it was taking a while at the till.

“It is hurtful and it does knock your confidence. There are millions of us doing our very best to live alongside this and actually, everyone can do a little bit to make these shared spaces feel like a comfortable place to be.

“Every time someone engages, instead of turning away, every time someone gives us the space to take out time, it helps us to feel like we still belong.”

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As the feature film ended, Nina and her father drove home and enjoyed the music in the car together.

Nina previously admitted that she felt “guilty” because they stopped “enjoying each other’s company” before her dad’s diagnosis.

After coming to terms with his new life, she expressed: “I feel really positive about the future with my dad because his basic needs are being met.

“He’s in a wonderful care home, he has regular visits with us and I know we have great times ahead of us.”

BBC Breakfast airs every day from 6am on BBC One.

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