BBC Breakfasts Jon Kay not allowed to talk due to Happy Valley ban

Happy Valley: Jon Kay jokes that he’s ‘can’t talk to anyone’

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Appearing on this morning’s (February 6) edition of the programme, both Jon Kay and co-star Sally Nugent appeared to be tight-lipped about the ending of the hit crime drama. However, Jon appeared to be bursting to talk about the explosive close with someone. Instead, he said he had to refrain from talking about it for fear of giving viewers any spoilers if they hadn’t seen the episode as yet.

Jon told audiences: “You’ve got it all to come! We can’t talk about it.” While Sally said: “All to come.”

But the suspense and having to stay quiet was clearly getting to Jon, who said: “Or to Carol [Kirkwood].”

BBC Breakfast’s weather woman Carol had asked the presenting duo earlier in the programme not to give any spoilers either as she hadn’t had the chance to watch the series finale either.

Jon went on to say to camera: “I can’t talk to anyone this morning.” Sally also had yet to watch the series finale.

Sally tried to console Jon: “We can talk to our Happy Valley guests later on this morning on the programme though.”

Jon agreed: “We’ve got a couple of stars but they’ve also been sworn to secrecy.

“Lots more to come as we de-brief kind of on Happy Valley this morning.”

Later in the show, Sally and Jon chatted to Happy Valley stars Amit Shah and Mollie Winnard – who are better known as Faisal Bhatti and Joanna Hepworth respectively.

They managed to get through the interview without giving anything away with Amit admitting the programme-makers wanted to keep the ending open.

While Mollie spoke about her love of working with lead star Sarah Lancashire, who plays Catherine Cawood, and the show’s creator-director Sally Wainwright.

She paid tribute to Sarah, saying watching her was like an “acting masterclass”, admitting she had been a fan of the show prior to landing the role as the domestic abuse victim Joanna.

In fact, she even said she’d manifested wanting to work with Sarah and co-star Siobhan Finneran before she ended up getting the part.

Mollie said: “For me, I’ve been a huge, huge fan of Happy Valley for years to the point of before I did any professional acting, I had a notebook where I had, ‘I want to work with Sarah Lancashire and Siobhan Finneran.’

“And obviously it’s happened. Law of attraction. So to actually join the cast, [an] unreal, unreal feeling.

Addressing the finale, Mollie said: “No, I’ve never read episodes five and six, so I was as in the dark as everybody else.”

She said: “I think it was a very fitting end. I think it was perfect.”

Amit said about the finale: “I was aware of what was going to happen to my character because I was there.

“But regarding scenes involving other characters, those were taken out of my version of the script, so I didn’t. So I was watching it as an audience member last night.”

“So, it didn’t affect my journey, so I wasn’t aware of it and maybe they wanted to keep that open.

“Maybe they wanted to play around with different options right up until filming it. But it was very secretive, yes.”

The Happy Valley finale aired last night (February 5) with a longer than normal episode which ran to an hour and 10 minutes.

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