BBC Breakfast fans distracted by sharp Johnny Vegas appearance

Johnny Vegas opens up about his ADHD

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The comedian, 52, joined BBC Breakfast hosts Sally Nugent and Jon Kay to discuss how he was only recently diagnosed with ADHD as well as the upcoming series of Carry on Glamping. However, fans were distracted by Johnny’s appearance, with some commenting on his “great” look.

Johnny sported a tweed blazer and a black polo shirt, while his hair was slicked back.

He explained to the presenters how his ADHD diagnosis had “answered questions” for him.

“I think it was always kicked around as a notion, but yeah, I’m very careful about things like this and discussing it,” he stated.

“But I was diagnosed before Christmas. So eventually I sort of bit the bullet and went in, and I’ve got friends who have been diagnosed.

“So I’m in the very early stages of working through meds and things like that.”

He continued: “It just answers a lot of questions about behavioural issues in the past.”

Jon asked: “What difference does that diagnosis make?” to which Johnny replied: “I think it’s just… a lot of things make sense. “Just that sense of disorganisation and doing basic tasks.

“Everybody has an element of it – it’s how strong your filter is, I think.

“And I don’t have a filter at all, and things just become very time-consuming.

“Like, I’ll think, ‘Oh, I’ll shift that cup’ – but then you have 10 other ideas and you haven’t shifted that cup, and a few weeks later it’ll still be there.

“Someone will go, ‘Why haven’t you shifted that?’ and you go, ‘Because it became this monumental task that built up’.

“It’s just, I suppose, how your brain organises itself. It helps make sense of a lot of things at school.”

The former Benidorm star added: “But I’m only just on the verge of learning about it.”

As he spoke, viewers couldn’t help but be taken aback by his appearance, with many praising on how “sharp” he looked.

Twitter user @kmacraeplockton wrote: “@JohnnyVegasReal looking incredibly sharp on #bbcbreakfast.”

Poppy Erla agreed: “He looks great! Loving the jacket.”

@NAMgroundsman penned: “Good to catch our @JohnnyVegasReal on @BBCBreakfast this morning recorded showing his Puma purchase from us @NewarkAirMus for his latest Clamping Project.”

@benripleyphoto shared: “Turned on the TV and for the first time in forever watched a bit of @BBCBreakfast. Why? [email protected] was on. What a legend he is.”

Others applauded the comedian for speaking publicly about his diagnosis, with @IncredibleKratu writing: “Finding out is so important to have peace of mind and answers to many questions.”

“I am waiting for a formal diagnosis at present. What was said rings very true,” commented @KittochsideLad.

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays from 6am on BBC One.

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