Bargain Hunt expert shares jaw-dropping value of rare Pokemon cards

Bargain Hunt: Valuation of Pokemon cards wows viewers

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In a recent episode of Bargain Hunt, Charlie Ross presented Charles Hanson will a vast selection of Pokemon memorabilia where he shared his expertise on the objects. Charles left his fellow expert lost for words after he gave a “jaw-dropping” valuation for a set of mint condition unopened cards.

Before speaking to Charles, Charlie explained where the rare collection came from.

He began: “In 1996, the Japanese card-collecting craze took the world by storm.

“Millions of tourists swapped cards in the playground and snapped up the memorabilia.

“One girl was such a fan, she started to build a collection that now stands at almost 20,000 items… a world record.”

Turning to his BBC co-star, Charlie said: “Charles it’s an extraordinary collection.”

“It’s an amazing collection,” Charles beamed before adding: “We have almost 20,000 individual parts of this Pokemon collection of a frenzy that began in the mid-1990s.”

Discussing why they were worth so much, the expert continued: “Shortly after that time, a young lady down south just began this passion for collecting.

“And what was wonderful is she collected and collected and collected, but almost put them down, boxed them away and left them forevermore.

“And that’s really where the value is, the fact their condition hasn’t been touched.”

Drawing his attention to the first set of cards, Charles, who also features on Antiques Road Trip said: “Charlie, this is a complete base set of cards.

“This is Wizards of the Coast, an American publisher of games, and they primarily focus on fantasy and science fiction themes that came out in 99, three years after the revolution of Pokemon.”

“It’s quite a rare set,” he explained before sharing the valuation of £400 to £600.

Pointing to the set of unopened Pokemon cards, Charles shared: “This is where the young lady hit the jackpot.

“Completely unopened, this is your set of 14 Sealed packs.

“They are extremely rare to be found in this condition.

“The base set and the jungle set were released in 99. There’s also the Team Rocket sets, which came out in the year 2000.”

“You’ll be surprised what these are worth,” Charles teased.

“Well, the 14, Charlie we think between £5,000 and £8,000.”

Taken aback by the value, the expert replied: “Absolutely unbelievable.”

“I think to collectors it is actually quite jaw-dropping,” Charles concluded.

Bargain Hunt is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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