Bachelor In Paradise fans insist Riley Christian & Maurissa Gunn 'had SEX' in the 'boom boom room' on raunchy first date

FANS have insisted that contestants Riley Christian and Maurissa Gunn "had SEX" on their first date, despite her previous connection with Connor Brennan.

The Bachelor in Paradise contestant received a rose from Connor last week, adding more drama to the season.

Fans were shocked to see Riley, 31, and Maurissa, 25, getting intimate after their first date on Tuesday's episode.

Many were convinced that the duo "had sex" in the "boom boom room" after cuddling up over dinner and drinks.

Several took to Twitter to share their speculations over the raunchy evening.

"Did I just see a sex tape? #bachelorinparadise," one joked, while a second claimed: "Anyone shocked by the night vision sex scenes (with sound) have never watched #summerhouse #bachelorinparadise."

"God I love bachelor in paradise. on the bachelor you get like, maybe a bra on the floor to indicate they used the fantasy suite but in bip they just showed two ppl straight up boning on national television," another expressed.

A fourth wrote: "Me when the legit SEX TAPE with sounds came on the 65-inch tv with my mom sitting beside me #BachelorInParadise," alongside a comedic meme.

"WAIT DID THEY JUST HAVE SEX LMFAO WHAT #BachelorInParadise," another laughed, while one user confessed: "I did not see that coming! My jaw literally dropped!"

A final referenced Maurissa's previous connection with Connor, penning: "Wait….. They're having sex? && she's hurting Connor? #BachelorInParadise."


After the premiere of the current season of BiP, the Atlanta native claimed she had the “best first date ever” with Riley on Instagram.

During their evening together, the patient care coordinator opened up about her past struggles with weight gain and her need for "reassurance" in a relationship.

Maurissa confessed that she once gained 80 pounds during a tough time in her life and that people treated her differently because of it.

However, Riley assured the reality star that she was “beautiful now” and that though he did not know her at the time, she was “beautiful then” too.

The two then took their relationship to the next step by heading straight for the "boom boom room."

On Tuesday's episode, no contestants were eliminated.

Early in last night's show, Joe Amabile contemplated leaving after Serena Pitt went on a date with Thomas Jacobs, but he ended up deciding to stay.


However, last week, three cast members, including, Kelsey Weier, Victoria Larson, and Serena Chew were sent home.

Victoria Paul also quit the show when her "secret boyfriend" was exposed by rivals Tammy Ly and Kelsey Weier.

Last month, The Sun exclusively revealed that Bachelor in Paradise will end with "THREE couples engaged" after a season of "love triangles" and "raunchy hookups."

Not only did the current season boast the “most contestants” ever, but also claimed to have the most “dramatic breakups” seen yet, a source revealed.

“Since they couldn’t do a season last year, they’re combining Peter Weber’s season, Clare Crawley and Tayshia Adams’ season, and also Matt James’ season," the insider explained.

“So there were a lot of options and turnover. By the end, they had like 37 or 38 different people come and go or on standby.” 

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