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SHE burst onto the music scene with a bang in 2011, but Azealia Banks has now become better known for her bizarre and worrying antics on social media – and endless celeb feuds.

And now the rapper has sparked concerns from fans once again after digging up her dead cat Lucifer from a grave and cooking the animal to "bring him back to life" – while sharing the graphic footage online.

She later created an altar for the pet, using his skull, Veuve Cliquet champagne and Chanel No.5 perfume.

The rapper quickly deleted the initial graphic clip, which she had captioned: "Lucifer 2009 – 2020. My Dear kitty. Thank you for everything. A legend. An icon."

But hours later, she posted the snap of Lucifer's skull arranged in a bowl alongside a figurine of Jesus on a cross, dollar bills, a cigar, a bottle of champagne and a bottle of half-used perfume.

It's far from the first time Banks has sparked worries among her fans, and from slaughtering chickens to being embroiled in racist feuds, she's been forced to make some grovelling apologies over the years.

Here, we look at some of her most shocking moments…

Sparking fury with grim 'prediction' for Meghan

Banks left Meghan Markle fans “truly disgusted” in January last year when she predicted the Duchess of Sussex could die in a car crash in 2022.

The American musician posted the sickening comment in a list of events she thought would take place in the next decade.

People were quick to slam her views, with one fan fuming on Twitter: “Why would she say that about Meghan. That’s not even funny.”

And one wrote: “She is sick.”

Fighting with Rita Ora over a pair of jelly shoes

In many cases, Banks has started fights based on the tiniest provocations.

Back in 2013, all it took was a picture of Rita Ora wearing jelly shoes for Banks to fly into an unprovoked rage. "I already did the jellies last year girl," she tweeted. "Try again."

In what would become a hallmark of Banks' online spats, she quickly flew off the handle.

While Rita was trying to diffuse the situation over text, Banks tweeted: "She's mad she's Rihanna's understudy."

And not content with fighting with Rihanna's "understudy", Banks then later set her sights on the woman herself.

This time, all it took was a series of tweets where Rihanna slammed Donald Trump over his controversial travel ban for Muslim-majority countries.

Banks jumped to his defence with an Instagram rant where she pointed out that Rihanna can't even vote, as she isn't a US citizen, before releasing Rihanna's mobile number.

In response, Rihanna posted a kissy-face selfie on Instagram alongside a series of hashtags mocking another recent Banks drama… this time about chickens.

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Slaughtering chickens in her closet

We all know that Banks is no stranger to having beef, but chickens have found themselves on the rapper's bad side as well.

In 2016 Banks shared an Instagram video of her scraping congealed chicken blood out of her closet, claiming that she had been slaughtering chickens in her house for the past three years.

Banks has said in the past that she's a witch, and the feathery mess in her wardrobe was supposedly the result of making animal sacrifices.

Banks has also tried to provoke Beyonce into an argument by tweeting criticism of Lemonade, Bey's widely praised 2016 visual album.

But Beyonce wasn't drawn in, refusing to throw oil on the fire.

The same happened with Pharrell, who ignored Banks when she turned on him after the pair collaborated on a song called ATM Jam.

You've probably never heard of it, which is why Banks was so mad. She accused Pharrell of deliberately failing to promote the track, adding that he had cut her out after his "lite skin comeback".

Racist scrap with Zayn Malik

This is far from the only racially-charged feud which Banks has become embroiled in.

One particularly nasty argument with Zayn Malik resulted in her Twitter account being suspended, after a foul rant where she called the former One Directioner a "sand n*****".

It all started in 2016 when Banks accused Zayn of stealing her work, an accusation which he brushed off.

But the furious tirade continued with Banks calling Zayn a "curry scented b***h" before saying that Zayn "looks like he used to be a girl".

Banks was slammed at the time, but after five months of animosity, she finally apologised and said she was "committed to becoming a better person."

A nasty fight with Russell Crowe

Just days before she issued the grovelling apology, Banks had a separate altercation with Gladiator actor Russell Crowe at a Beverly Hills hotel.

Banks filed a police report where she claimed Crowe had choked her, spat at her and called her a racist slur after the mood turned sour at an A-list party.

Crowe denied the accusations and was not charged.

Banks does have a history of aggression herself. In 2015, she spat at and punched a fellow passenger when she was trying to get off a plane, before calling a flight attendant a "f****t".

She was also arrested in New York soon after for punching a female security guard and biting her on the breast. Banks agreed to attend a 26-week anger management course as part of her trial.

Driving Cardi B from Instagram

In the years since bursting on to the music scene, Banks has racked up an incredibly long list of celebrity enemies.

She's called out fellow rapper Eminem for "only dissing women" and has slammed Kendrick Lamar for not understanding racism.

Similarly, she turned on A$AP Rocky when he suggested women with dark skin shouldn't wear purple lipstick.

Lily Allen also found herself under fire in 2013 when Banks sent a totally unprovoked tweet saying Lily was "weak", adding that her then-husband, Sam Cooper, is ugly and looked like a thumb.

Lily responded by calling her a "one hit wonder," adding: "Ps we all need thumbs".

And as early as 2012, Banks started beef with Nicki Minaj after turning down a chance to tour with her.

"#ManTheseB****esDelirious" Nicki tweeted at the time, allegedly as a reference to her snub from Banks.

But Banks took it personally, saying: "I don't believe 'Rap game' hierarchy," in a string of furious tweets which she later apologised for.

Nicki came up again, however, as part of another beef: this time with Cardi B.

Banks accused Cardi of using a ghostwriter, calling her a "poor man's Nicki Minaj", an “illiterate, untalented rat” and a "caricature of a black woman". It was enough to drive Cardi to delete her Instagram account.

The battle of the 'Azealias'

Even Iggy Azalea found herself in the firing line, despite almost sharing a name with Azealia Banks.

Banks claimed Iggy had copied her work, with both having separately written songs called P-U-S-S-Y and P-U-$-$-Y, respectively.

This was enough to start a bitter online feud between the two rappers, which reached its lowest level after Banks was accused of encouraging Iggy to commit suicide on Instagram.

Later, however, the pair were able to patch things up and even announced they would be working on a collaboration in a rare happy ending for the angry rapper.

Meanwhile, some of the names on Banks' hit list are even more unlikely, including Space X chief Elon Musk.

In August, Banks was forced to apologise to the businessman and his girlfriend, Grimes – who she was supposed to be colabbing with – after suggesting the CEO had invited her over for a threesome and been on drugs. Musk denied he'd ever met Banks.

Shocking row with Lana Del Rey

Just months after Banks' public spat with Tesla chief Musk, Lana Del Rey dared to cross her.

Lana threatened to "f**k up" the rapper and even inviting her to come to her house for a fist fight after a blazing Twitter row.

It all started when Lana, whose hits include Summertime Sadness and Video Games, criticised Kanye West's support of Donald Trump, who Banks has also praised in the past.

It was enough for the 212 singer to jump in and defend Kanye – calling out Lana for acting like the "thought police" and claiming she only went after Kanye because he is black.

She also posted a bizarre and unexplained topless video at the end of the scrap.

Fans will no doubt be frustrated to see Banks' raw talent and energy going to waste.

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