Antiques Roadshow guest speechless at eye-watering value of vintage watch

An Antiques Roadshow guest was left utterly speechless when he found out the incredible value of his vintage watch.

The hit BBC antiques show took a trip to The Eden Project in Cornwall on Sunday night (March 5), but it wasn't long before viewers got a peek at a very price accessory.

The owner's watch was a genuine vintage Rolex Submariner 5512 which was purchased back in 1961 in a gorgeous port in Yemen called Aiden.

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The priceless time piece featured a genuine guild dial on a black clock face which was topped with a guild print which still glistened in the sunlight.

But that wasn't all, the lucky buyer also brought with him the original box the watch was purchased in as well as the purchase bills and the guarantee certificate which proved its authenticity.

Antiques expert Mathew Haley cheekily joked that he would be more than happy to take the watch off his hands, joking: "If I gave you £50 now, that'll be a profit."

At the time of the purchase, the seasoned army veteran paid 640 shillings which would be the equivalent of £32 today.

Explaining the story behind the watch, he said: "I bought the watch in Aiden in 1961.

"I was in the Royal Navy, I was on HMS Anzio and we were on passage from Malta to Bahrain and I saved up enough money to buy a Rolex and I bought this one."

After listening to the story, the expert couldn't help but take a closer look at the desirable watch in closer detail where he showed viewers the lavish features.

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When the topic turned to value, the owner of the watch confessed that he had never had the timepiece valued but instead had sat inside the back of a cupboard for years.

Matthew then revealed: "It's certainly the market to sell in and given this watch in this condition, I would think that someone would be very happy to pay between £20 and £30,000 for it."

The owner was left visibly gobsmacked at the valuation and replied: "Wow, gosh…" as he chuckled in surprise.

Expert Matthew then joked: "It was worth the trip, eh" as he agreed: "It was definitely worth the trip!"


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