Antiques Road Trip expert amazed by profit of metal jug Ive doubled!

Antiques Road Trip: Angus has his eye on engraved gold jug

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Antiques Road Trip expert Angus Ashworth spotted a metal jug while hunting for treasures in a previous episode of the popular BBC show. He was determined to beat his co-star, Steven Moore, when they got to the auction room and doubling his money on the jug helped. 

“Already got his eye on the map and the model canoe…” The show’s voiceover said. 

“Bit different…” Angus remarked picking up the jug. “The body of it is lovely decorated, all hand-worked, you’ve got the dove the symbol or piece, the Fleur de Lis and then you’ve got this central panel here with the three fish.” 

“Representing the Holy Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit,” the voice-over person explained. 

“Really nicely worked, the quality of the body would suggest to me something like Newlyn School or one of the Arts & Crafts ones there,” the antique expert said. 

“Then we’ve got the spout, which is a little bit crude, I don’t think it had a spout originally because you can see the details underneath where the spout goes right over the top of one of those doves. 

“And the handle again feels a bit clumpy compared to the rest of the body, so i think really, the answer to that is to see what it is on price.” 

Angus headed off to find the shop owner: “Billy, fantastic show you’ve got, I’ve found loads to things I love; one is the war picture, the other is the canoe and the other thing is the jug with the fish on it.

“I’m looking at those three, so what sort of prices?” 

Billy replied: “Well, I want you to win! I want you to win – I’ll do a one price deal on the whole lot, £35 an item.” 

“That’s £105, can we call it a straight £100?” Angus asked and they shook hands. 

As for how the sale went in the auction room, Angus and Steven were still waiting to make a profit when the former’s jug came up next. 

“You’ve starting buying antiques, for a change!” Steven remarked and Angus hit back: “Cheeky devil.” 

“£70 online, £70 bid, £70 online,” the auctioneer began. “I’ll take £5, £70 in the sale room?” 

“Come on, a little bit more?” Angus pleaded but the hammer banged on £75. 

“£35, so I’ve doubled! That was good,” he exclaimed and Steven said: “Bravo.” 

“Yes nice to see it can be done,” the voiceover added and Steven continued: “You see, we’re at a fine art sale, so you know.” 

As for how much money the experts made, Steven started the day with £404.50 in his piggy bank and after costs, he made quite a loss ending up with £268.20. 

Angus, on the other hand, started the episode with £173.62. 

But after costs, he made a great profit and wins the day with £596.72. 

Antiques Road Trip is available to watch on BBC iPlayer now.

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