All Rise Video: Lola Imagines a Different Life in Alternate Reality Episode

Everything’s topsy-turvy in TVLine’s exclusive All Rise promo for next Tuesday’s special episode (OWN, 8/7c), which finds Judge Lola Carmichael dreaming of a life where she has made some very different choices.

In the alternate reality, a super glam Lola struts into court in her spikey boots — but she’s not the one behind the bench. No, that would be her BFF Mark, who is now a judge presiding over a trial, with Lisa and Sherri on opposing sides of the courtroom as warring lawyers!

And it’s not just Lola’s professional world that’s been turned upside down: It appears that in this dream scenario, she’s with her ex Dre, while Rachel is on the arm of Lola’s hubby Robin. (If all of the above wasn’t enough change for you, Emily is sporting an edgy new look, and Amy’s gone — gasp! — boho chic.)

“What game are you playing?” Rachel asks her friend in the final seconds of the promo, as Lola insists that there’s nothing going on with her and Dre. Hmm, could this be a real conversation versus an imagined one?

Press PLAY above to watch the exclusive sneak peek, then hit the comments with your thoughts on the show’s unusual episode!

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