Alex Jones says working with rotating One Show hosts was like being on Tinder

Being interviewed on Steph's Packed Lunch with Steph McGovern about her upcoming baby, Alex Jones was asked about her excitement over having Ronan Keating and Jermaine Jenas join The One Show as hosts.

Alex was overjoyed with the casting, referring to the previous format of rotating hosts as being ‘like tinder’ as she never knew who would be turning up to host along side her each day.

She said: "It's really exciting, I mean, it was a little bit like Tinder before because I didn't know who was gonna be there when I turned up!"

Since the 10th both Jenas and Keating have been swapping out to co-host with Alex in their new format.

Jenas hosts alongside Alex from Monday to Wednesday, with Keating taking over for Thursday and Friday.

With Alex set to take maternity leave later this year with her third child on the way, Steph asked what her plans were with work.

Alex said that she is considering taking less time off from work and taking the baby in with her as the studio is much emptier due to the changes brought by covid regulations.

She said: " The way we work is so different now and there's hardly anybody in the office and the studio is empty, so I think that I probably will take less time off and take the baby with me.

"Lets see how it all goes first. We're taking a bit more of a casual approach this time.'

With no plans set in motion, Alex will be taking a ‘casual’ approach this time as she waits for her baby daughter’s arrival.

Jenas said about taking on the role: "I’ve absolutely loved being a part of The One Show, Alex, the team and the viewers have made me feel so welcome and we’ve had a lot of fun already.

"I’m really looking forward to joining as a full-time host alongside Ronan."

Jenas has been guesting as a host on the show since September of 2020 following his success on Match of the Day and BT Sport.

Also having made appearances on the show since 2020, Ronan said: "I'm so delighted to officially be a part of The One Show family.

"It's a show I’ve loved for many years as both a guest and a host and I can’t wait to get started alongside Alex, Jermaine and the wonderful team behind the scenes."

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