Ackley Bridge season 5 release date: Will there be another series?

Ackley Bridge: Channel 4 share behind the scenes

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Ackley Bridge season five is a possibility for Channel 4 and the fourth season is now in its second week. The latest instalment saw a number of shake-ups, from scheduling to casting, and it received mixed feedback. has all you need to know about the prospect of a fifth season.

Will there be another season of Ackley Bridge?

Ackley Bridge is now in its second week for season four and the episodes have been airing on weekdays at 6pm.

The fourth season is made up of 10 episodes, meaning the finale will air on Channel 4 this Friday, April 30.

There has been no news on whether the series has been renewed for a fifth season at this moment in time.

This year marked the first time the series aired at 6pm, with shorter episodes and a brand-new cast.

Hopefully, the changes had a positive impact, meaning the series will be renewed in the near future.

When will Ackley Bridge season 5 air?

As the series has not yet been renewed, it is difficult to say when season five will air.

Channel 4 will assess the viewership ratings in the next few weeks to see what potential there is for more episodes.

The previous three seasons all aired in June, with season four airing a couple of months earlier, in April.

With this in mind, fans can hope for a summer 2022 release date, but nothing has been confirmed.

Season four had been delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic, but restrictions are now starting to lift.

Who will be in the cast of Ackley Bridge season 5?

Every year, as the students work their way up the year groups, new characters are introduced.

Season four saw Kayla Azfal (played by Robyn Cara) join the school along with Marina Perry (Carla Woodcock) and Fizza Akhtar (Yasmin Al-Khudhairi).

New heartthrob Johnny Cooper (Ryan Dean) was also introduced and there is a chance all the new cast will return.

Sadly Mandy Carter (Jo Joyner) will not be in season five as she stepped down from her role part-way through the current season.

Other newcomers this year included Queenie Cooper (Jasmine Payne), Tahir Randhawa (Shobhit Piasa), Rose Boswell (Olivia Marie Fearn) and Zainab Hyatt (Leena Dhingra).

WARNING: This section contains spoilers for Ackley Bridge

What will happen in Ackley Bridge season 5?

At this moment in time, there is no knowing what will happen if the series is renewed.

Some fans have already binged their way through the entire season four on the streaming platform, All4.

In the final episode, a wedding is on the horizon and there is plenty that could go wrong.

Kayla and Fizza were still caught up in a love triangle with Johnny, who is determined to do the right thing.

There is a chance the drama will continue into a new season.

Fans have taken to Twitter to share their thoughts, with one saying: “Ok it may be shorter & it may have a relatively new cast but give season 4 of #AckleyBridge a chance as it is amazing & bingeable (10, 24 mins episodes).

“The storyline is amazing & believe me some of the new characters may even grow on you, I know some did for me.” [Sic]

Another viewer said: “I actually really enjoyed that season! I didn’t know how I was going to feel with no Nas or Cory and Riz and Navid but it was so good season 5 pls x #AckleyBridge”

Meanwhile a third added: “Ackley bridge season 4 was so good!!! I loved it so much now I just have to wait for season 5.” [Sic]

Ackley Bridge airs on weekdays at 6pm on Channel 4. 

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