A Place in the Suns Ben Hillman apologises after terrible observation Sorry!

A Place in the Sun: Viewers cringe at Ben's awful joke

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Del and Diane asked Ben Hillman to help them find the perfect holiday home on Thursday’s A Place in the Sun as the couple look forward to spending their winter months in the Spanish sun. During the search, Ben apologised to the couple after his cheeky joke about the area of Tenerife they were visiting wasn’t well received. 

The couple were looking for their new home on the west coast of the island and had their sights set on a family-sized property. 

Del and Diane had £120,000 to spend but admitted they could stretch to £123,000 for the perfect property. 

Diane suffered from arthritis and told Ben she required their future apartment building to have a lift or be on the ground floor. 

Ben admitted their budget was “on the low side” but vowed to make it work. 

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The couple both agreed they liked the first property but were apprehensive about the amount of work it required.

Ben’s second offering was far more promising and was an immediate contender. 

The Channel 4 presenter asked: “Was it love at first sight?”

“Yes,” Diane and Del enthusiastically replied. 

Next, Ben took the couple to Guía de Isora to provide them with a slightly different property.

He explained: “We’ve come up the hill to Guía de Isora.”

“Have you been here before-ah?” Ben joked. 

Del and Diane didn’t comment on the cheeky remark as Ben added: “Sorry that was terrible, wasn’t it?”

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“Occasionally,” Del replied before Ben showed them the three-bed house with sea views. 

“This offers everything Del and Diane want on paper if not more,” Ben commented after a disappointing reaction from the couple.

“But unless your heart is in it it’s not going to work,” he added.

The property search ended in the best way possible with Del and Diane falling in love with the final two-bedroom apartment on offer. 

Diane commented: “I feel like we’ve won the lottery.”

“Oh Diane,” Ben exclaimed. “I didn’t think we’d beat the other one.”

The couple decided to offer the asking price for the property after revealing they had been studying the market.

Del said: “We’ve been looking at the market for two years, we know another property in the same building went for a higher price in two weeks.”

“It would be rude not to offer the asking price on that one,” Diane said as they celebrated their new home.

A Place in the Sun airs on Channel 4 on weekdays at 3pm.

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