22 Kids and Countings Noel Radford breaks down over daughter

The Radfords cook breakfast for 22 kids including 48 sausages

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The reality show on Channel 5 has followed the couple and their family in their day-to-day lives but recently revealed they were taking a break from the series. The latest episode showed Noel making a shocking discovery about his past after one of his daughters fell seriously ill.

Viewers have followed the Radford family for many years, with Sue and Noel also having nine grandchildren and seven dogs.

Both Sue and Noel were adopted as babies and never really had any interest when it came to delving into their past and finding out about their birth family.

However, after their daughter Ellie, 17, fell ill and was revealed to have a hereditary condition known as Gilbert’s Syndrome, Noel thought twice.

He said on the show: “We are both adopted but I don’t think it’s affected our relationship in any way, we are just normal people and that’s it.”

Sue said of Ellie’s condition: “Basically Gilbert’s Syndrome is hereditary, it’s genetic, it can get passed on, so she said either I’m a carrier or Noel is a carrier.

“It might mean that some of the other children might have it,” with the diagnosis prompting the couple to get themselves tested and look at their past.

The diagnosis led to Noel questioning who his real parents were and said: “We’re both adopted, we know nothing about our medical history.

“I’d quite like to find out a bit more about my family side, where I’m from,” however, Sue decided she didn’t want to know anything more about her own birth parents.

Noel decided to take a DNA test and said: “I don’t really know much about my biological family so something like this will shed a bit of light about what the history might bring, health-wise.

“It might tell me a bit more about who I am, where I’m from, and possibly my birth parents. Now as I’m getting older, I do think about it a bit more often.”

Getting emotional about his past, he admitted he never wanted to look into his birth parents because he had struck up a positive relationship with his adoptive parents.

When receiving the results, it showed Noel had been born in Stepping Hill Hospital, Stockport.

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The date of birth which appeared in the results was the same as his birthday, which had been a relief for Noel as he feared it may have been changed during the adoption process.

Assessing the results, he said: “My birth mum was 16, so she’s about 68 or 69 now. There’s a good chance she’s still alive and kicking.

“Hopefully she is. I don’t know the situation she was in.”

Sue and Noel recently took to their Instagram page to reveal to their 570,000 followers they were taking a break.

They penned: “We just want to say a huge thank you for all the love and support you’ve shown throughout our series.

“We truly appreciate each and every comment and message we’ve received so thank you.

“So chuffed to say our programme was no.1 on ch5 most Sundays and doing really well on my5 every week with it being the most watched programme on my5.

“We are currently having a well-earned little break from filming before heading into filming series 4 which we are very excited about.” [sic]

22 Kids & Counting is available to watch on My5.

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