15 Coronation Street spoilers including a familiar face’s return, a very generous gift is given and a new romance is on the cards

A FRAGILE Carla returns to the cobbles next week with some shocking new for the Underworld workers.

Here's how next week in Weatherfield plays out.


Alya and Ryan become suspicious of Geoff when they see Yasmeen’s necklace drop out of his pocket. He tells them he bought it as a replacement and threatens to move out if he’s not trusted.

Nick tries to speak to Audrey to build bridges but is reminded by Paula that he’s breaking bail conditions by approaching her. 

Nick arranges a birthday party for Leanne and is furious when neither Gail or Audrey turn up. He storms round to David’s and a fight kicks off. Later Nick tells Leanne that sometimes his brain injury makes him do stupid things and he wishes he could control it.

Carla is due home and Sarah is worried she’ll want to take back the factory reins.

Billy despairs as Sean and Paul fail to get along.

Maria sets up a profile on a dating app.


Carla returns and tells the factory workers that she’s got some news to share with them. She tells them she’s giving Underworld to them.

Yasmeen  is happy when Geoff tells them he’s spoken to the insurance company with a view to helping her look after her finances. Later, he tells her he ‘accidentally’ gave the insurers his bank details instead of hers. 

David is livid when he hears Nick’s latest attempt to stay out of prison and decides to play dirty himself.

Maria is horrified by the dirty messages she’s getting on her dating app and Bethany has to explain to her what ‘Nextflix and chill’ means. Later she moans to Ali about her non-existent love life while he tells her there could be someone right under her nose.

Peter tells Roy he doesn’t think Carla is in her right mind and wants to get power of attorney. Carla assures him she’s thinking straight and this is the right thing to do.


Audrey is stunned when she realises that Gail is taking her sons side over hers.

Sean accuses Paul of stealing the charity box from the medical centre.

A man arrives at Speed Dahl and offers Yasmeen some catering work, but Geoff bursts her bubble by telling her she shouldn’t take on more work at her age.

At Ryan’s assistance Michelle buries the hatchet with Alya.

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