You Can't Buy Taylor Swift's Talent, But You Can Nab Her Childhood Home — for a Cool Million

Don’t look at me, you could be the girl at this home. And everybody knows that (it’s on sale). The childhood home of Taylor Swift is on sale for just under $1 million — and you, too, can become our generation’s greatest songwriter there. Or maybe just live there. We don’t know your life.

Swift’s family rented the five-bedroom, 3.5-bathroom property just outside Reading, Pennsylvania, during the singer’s childhood. It’s on a 0.75 acre lot and features a spacious backyard and two-car garage.

“I grew up in a pretty house/And I had space to run and I/had the best days with you,” Taylor famously sings on “The Best Day.” We’re not sure if this is the house in question, but it certainly is pretty.

This is, however, the house Swift moved to after living on Pine Ridge Farm where her family grew Christmas trees. (Remember, “Christmas Tree Farm?”) And it’s rumored that she wrote “Teardrops on My Guitar” and “Love Story” here.

Swift moved out of the house with her family in 2004 to pursue her career in Nashville; it was bought by Daniel Mashevsky three years later, who renovated the space, according to Philly Voice.

In 2020, a former owner of the house shared a TikTok of the spot, where another former owner told House Beautiful that the letters “TAS” for “Taylor Alison Swift” are imprinted in the cement outside.

“We get a lot of fans taking pictures outside the house. I feel like there tends to be more around the holidays, when people are traveling from other states and want to see it,” a former owner said of the property in 2020. “If Taylor Swift has a concert in Philadelphia or somewhere close, there are more fans around that time. Our family is fine with fans taking pictures as long as they are quick and respectful.”

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