Where Does J Balvin Live And How Big Is His House?

J Balvin — whose full name is José Álvaro Osorio Balvín — is the kind of star that just seems to effortlessly attract both fame and fortune. Granted, the truth is that he’s worked hard to get where he is. Thanks to popular songs like “Mi Gente” and “Tranquila,” as well as collaborations with fellow famous figures like Cardi B and Bad Bunny, Balvin has definitely put in what it takes to make it, and his star keeps on shining.  

The “Colombian-born, Spanish-speaking reggaeton singer is among the most influential Latino artists changing the way the top-10 charts across America sound,” O, The Oprah Magazine noted while also pointing out that the singer continues “to build on [the] momentum” that his career has already seen.

Thanks to that kind of impressive hit-making and money-making success, Balvin can afford to buy himself one heck of a home. And that’s exactly what he’s done. Or rather, he’s nabbed two stellar abodes.

J Balvin has two stylish yet simplistic homes in Colombia

J Balvin is a global superstar, but when it comes to putting down roots? There’s no place like home. As he told Rolling Stone in 2017, “I respect the ones who make it and leave their home base, but I’m good in Colombia.” He has one home in Medellín and another in Llanogrande.

As for the vibe behind the spaces, Architectural Digest got a look inside in June 2020 and noted that while Balvin is known for his “tie-dyed ensemble[s] and rainbow-colored leopard-print hair” when he’s on stage or in videos, “on the home front, Balvin eschews giddy theatrics and prismatic finery in favor of minimalist cool and Japanese-inflected decorative restraint.” Indeed, far from what he puts on for fans as part of his public persona, his homes “are object lessons in the poetics of simplicity.”

Medellín’s 5 Sólidos design firm took on the task of creating the aesthetic that Balvin was looking for in his high-end residences. “Architecture, music, fashion — they’re all forms of expression. When it comes to the places I live, I definitely take a less-is-more approach,” he told AD. “A house should be a place where you can rest your spirit. I’ve tried to create places that feed my soul, not my ego.” It seems safe to say that the star’s incredible Llanogrande home would do just that.

J Balvin's Llanogrande home is 'nestled in an intoxicating jungle landscape'

When J Balvin is in Colombia, he can choose to spend time at his residence in Llanogrande. While he was living in what would “eventually become a guest cottage” when Architectural Digest profiled his homes in June 2020, he had plans for “a larger residential compound.” Although what Balvin will end up living in will surely be incredible, his place sounds amazing as is. The house, as AD wrote, is “quietly nestled in an intoxicating jungle landscape” and was “completely gutted” in order to transform it into “a serene, understated pavilion.” It’s a stunner of a minimalist space that draws from Japanese design. 

“It’s not a place to show off,” he said in a video tour for AD. “It’s a place for my soul to rest.” Outside, guests will find a spectacular swimming pool and deck area that’s surrounded by lush greenery. Talking to AD about why he loves the yard so much, he said, “Water calms me down.” And it doesn’t hurt that the pool has, as he put it in the video tour, “a really beautiful vibe.”

Oh, and let’s not forget about the closet. It’s hard to imagine that anyone would fail to be excited by a space that, as AD wrote, holds “about 850 pairs of sneakers (a mere portion of his king’s ransom).” Showing off the breathtaking room in the video tour, Balvin said, “This is one of my favorite places.” Can you blame him?

J Balvin's Medellín apartment has a private pool and impressive art

The fact that water has a calming effect on J Balvin may be why the star’s second Colombian home also has a private pool — even though it’s not a house, but an apartment in Medellín. According to Architectural Digest, “every unit in the seven-floor building has one.” While that’s certainly impressive, it’s far from the only super-cool thing about this residence.

The apartment boasts a loft-like feel which is something that Balvin is seriously into. “I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of a New York loft — the original loft,” he explained to AD. That’s why, as the outlet noted, his home includes “high, exposed ceilings, concrete floors,” and a “rugged aesthetic.” It also features art pieces throughout the space, such as an enormous bear sculpture by WhIsBe by the kitchen. As Daniel Correa of 5 Sólidos told AD, “Art is really the protagonist here.”

Balvin explained his connection to (and appreciation of what is found in) his loft, saying, “This is my man cave, a place where I can vibe with art and architecture, the things I love.” And, of course, the location is a big win, too. As he said in Rolling Stone, “[H]opefully I can stay [in Medellín] for the rest of my life.”

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