Vanessa Feltz clung to husbands tyre as he walked out of 17-year marriage

Vanessa Feltz has opened up about the searing pain of her husband suddenly leaving her.

The broadcasting legend was married to Michael Kurer for 17 years when he announced he was leaving one night after a wedding.

Vanessa said she was utterly heartbroken and so desperate for him to stay that she clung to his car's wheels as he tried to drive off.

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The 60-year-old, who is now happily engaged to musician Ben Ofoedue, also recalled that her ex gave no explanation but it transpired that he had been having a number of affairs.

Vanessa begged him to stay because she didn't understand what “she had done wrong” but to no avail and added: “Everyone says, 'you don't know what goes on in a marriage behind closed doors’, but I was behind the door and I didn't know. I had no idea.”

The curvy star also shared her thoughts on the dreaded “Strictly Curse” ahead of the show’s launch in a few weeks.

Vanessa starred in the show back in 2013 and was paired with hunky James Jordan, who she said she “fell in deeply in love with”.

In more tongue-in-cheeks recollections, Vanessa said: “When I took part in Strictly, I didn't think the curse applied to me. I was 51, had been with my partner Ben Ofoedu for about seven years and was amply satisfied at home.”

However, she felt “bedazzled” by James, who is married to pro dancer Ola, and had “heart palpitations” every time she saw him.

But she always knew it was a fun “fantasy” and never thought for a moment either of them would leave their partner.


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