Unrequited love, a broken rib, a song and a music video, Dina Layzis speaks about her latest single “Our Love”

– “Our Love” was recently released. The music video presents a complicated love story. How did the idea come about? Was this a personal story?

The story of the song is a personal one. It is one of unrequited love. But rather than telling it exactly as it happened I wanted to concentrate on the emotions associated with the story. We brainstormed (with my manager Svetlana Hachiyan and Director Maria Skakun) ways in which we could express those feelings with the most depth as possiblе.

– How long did filming and preparation take for the video?

The preparation took about 2 months. When creating a scenario it takes some time to truly absorb the material before a clear story line comes about. We also had some delays in the process due to the pandemic. We filmed in 2 days.

– There are many details which draw attention in the video such as a bracelet and the glass separating you and the young man in the video. Can you tell us the meaning behind these details?

The bracelet is actually related directly to the real story of the song. It is something that I had with me when living through those experiences. Maria had asked me if I had something personal that we would be able to use for the video. The bracelet was the perfect fit. As a physical object it took me back to those events while filming. Also, the line inscribed in it – I think is something very empowering and important.

The glass was an idea to visually symbolize the separation that can be felt between two people. It was Svetlana’s idea and it perfectly showed the inability to break through to someone despite all efforts. Surprisingly, it was very difficult thing to get due to all the manufacturing shortages during Covid. Thankfully we were able to get it just a day before filming.

– Your clips present quite a bit of choreography. In “Alone” there was a dancer who portrayed the character in the song. In “Our Love” you dance the parts with a partner. Is there something that connects you to dance ? Is there any particular reason for including dancing in your video clips?

I am connected to anything which is connected with music and is medium for expression. I think movement and dance serves another beautiful way to express an emotion of a song. It adds a deeper layer of storytelling. In this song – I think it played a crucial part in conveying the depth of the relationship between two characters.

– We have heard that during the filming process you had broken a rib. How did this happen?

The rib break happened when rehearsing for the dance. I could have been in better physical shape to say the least. But I was ready to work with what I had and I was completely determined in doing the best I can. I love to dance, but have had almost no dance experience. I had about 2 hours in which to learn the choreography before we shot the clip, so it was tough in many ways (especially physically). Maria choreographed the dance. The dance amazed me because each moment connected to an emotion and lyrics of the song. I also had an amazing parter without whom this would have been completely impossible. Arthur Yemchyk who is a phenomenal dancer, took such patience with me and truly helped me believe that I could do this. He was there for each step I was scared to take. Even with a broken rib this was an experience where the pain and struggle were completely worth it! 🙂

 We know that you take a serious approach to how to express yourself through music. Is the approach similar for the videos you create? Could you describe the process of how you bring your vision to life while working with a director? To what extent do you take part in creating the scenario?

It is very important for me to have a listener feel the song. I take a similar approach to videos. The most vital part for me is establishing a connection with an audience. Sometimes the story can change a bit and that is ok – because everyone has their own specific interpretation of love, life, heartbreak etc. But what unites us is feeling.

When working with a director it is of foremost importance that they internalize the material and that it touches something within them.  I first let people listen to the music before much of an explanation. I feel this allows someone to see it through their own lens.

Maria – did just that. She listened to the song and from our initial conversations I knew she ‘understood’ it. Once that occurred – I knew I could fully trust her. I am closely involved in all things concerning my music, but we spoke about the story behind it, exchanged some overarching ideas and then I trusted her vision. I think it is necessary for there to be a sense of freedom in a creative collaboration. When you put your trust into another persons abilities – beautiful things happen. I believe they truly did in this situation.