Trigger Hippy Return With Uplifting New Song ‘Don’t Wanna Bring You Down’

When Trigger Hippy released their debut album in 2014, the group was more like a loose collective than a cemented band. Chalk that up to the numerous other projects of its members at the time, including co-founders Steve Gorman and Nick Govrik, and Joan Osborne and guitarist Jackie Greene. While Trigger Hippy hit the road in earnest in support of the record, they eventually stalled out and took a long hiatus, leaving the future of the band in doubt.

Now Gorman, the former drummer for the Black Crowes, and bassist Govrik have reconstituted the group, enlisting Band of Heathens’ Ed Jurdi and singer/sax player Amber Woodhouse, of Nashville soul band Luthi, to release the new album Full Circle & Then Some. Trigger Hippy 2.0 previews the record, due October 11th, with the upbeat “Don’t Wanna Bring You Down.”

The breezy song features Woodhouse, Jurdi, and Govrik trading lines and harmonizing on the chorus. It’s a compact slice of roots rock that’s more reined in than the jam-based material of the band’s original incarnation.

“This tune is us saying, ‘Come on in, check the place out, stay a while,’” says Gorman. “It was one of the first tunes we put together for the album and it’s been sitting in the lead off position ever since. We all felt from the jump that it was a great introduction to where the album takes you.”

Trigger Hippy have two more shows left in their summertime residency at Nashville’s the Basement, set for August 4th and 18th.

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