The issue with TV celebs like Molly-Mae is theyve lost touch with reality

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Reality stars: rich, out-of-touch, and thick.

Makes you wonder how they garner millions of social media followers, but it's no surprise if they have model looks and a relationship most people read in fairytales.

That's the reality of 22-year-old, Molly-Mae Hague, ex-Love Islander with over six million followers and a bank balance bigger than my waistline over Christmas.

In a recent podcast hosted by BBC Dragon Steven Bartlett called 'The Diary Of A CEO', Molly-Mae said: "We all have the same 24 hours in a day.

"I understand that we all have different backgrounds and we're all raised in different ways and we do have different financial situations, but I do think if you want something enough, you can achieve it."

Yes, it all sounds very admirable, very Thatcherite, but also completely delusional.

This is coming from a woman who appears uncomfortable anytime Love Island is mentioned, as if she's ashamed and doesn't want to be defined by her appearance on the show in 2019.

The same show that catapulted Hague into stardom, giving her millions of followers and an opportunity to lucratively work with fast-fashion labels like Pretty Little Thing, of which she's now Creative Director.

I'm sure she might not like this, but none of which would've happened without the show, regardless of the number of hours in a day.

To say everyone is afforded the same amount of time to achieve her level of success completely disregards the fortuitous circumstances the reality star finds herself in.

Let's list some.

Outstanding natural beauty; stunning boyfriend (with a famous family); runner-up on one of the UK's biggest dating shows; a management team that clearly works very hard, and a comfortable upbringing with a supportive and reasonably well-off family.

Compared to your average girl, Molly-Mae lives a life most people dream of.

A single mother working several jobs and providing for her young children doesn't have the luxury to swan about in Louis Vuitton making spontaneous trips to New York City wearing £1000 Prada boots within 24-hours.

A single mother who gets up at 6am to come home to homework, dinner, and screaming children doesn't have the luxury of six million followers and an income to maximise her 24-hours.

A single mother who wasn't lucky enough to be chosen to take part in a reality show and blessed with stunning natural beauty hasn't got 24-hours to reach the level of success you enjoy, Molly-Mae.

This is where she fails and this is how six-figure deals manage to warp the reality of Love Islanders that are clearly living in cloud cuckoo land.

Perhaps if Molly-Mae told the podcast she was extremely fortunate and grateful for the opportunities she's been granted, perhaps the public would offer more sympathy.

However, her inability to acknowledge how various upbringings and individual circumstances can affect the course of someone's life proves that she's as dense as a plank of wood or mind-numbingly classist.

I can admit my privileges of attending a private school, never struggling to pay bills, and being able to put food on the table has allowed me to access opportunities in the media as my career develops.

I would never begin to imagine someone living in poverty and a home without parents, a good income, and a decent education would be able to use the same amount of hours in a day to achieve whatever they're seeking in life.

You know what?

Anyone with a brain, common sense, and humility would realise that.

So instead of implying anyone who doesn't achieve the same level of success as someone like Beyoncé, as per Molly-Mae's example, is clearly not spending their time wisely.

How about you visit a food bank and realise not everyone gets gifted the chance to appear on reality shows or has a voice that makes $millions.

I've had enough of dumbos getting platforms that reach millions of people, with such an unyielding influence to cast the most elitist and self-aggrandising points of view.

So to Molly-Mae: time to open your eyes, get a taste of the real world, and get off your designer high horse, because your head's in the clouds and it isn't doing you any favours.

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