Strictlys Karen Hauer shares health update after injury forced her out of show

Strictly Come Dancing professional Karen Hauer has announced that she's decided to quit drinking to help speed up the recovery time on her injured knee which forced her out of last year’s show.

The 39-year-old dancer, who was partnered with actor Greg Wise until week 4 of the competition, has managed to avoid surgery and updated her fans on her recovery.

The injury left Hauer unable to perform in the finale’s ensemble number and has recently began physiotherapy to amend her joints.

“Week four of my knee rehab program. Feeling stronger, focused and more determined than ever,” said the strong-willed contestant.

She opened up about the lifestyle changes she was planning to make and opened up to her fans: “No alcohol, more sleep, good food, more recovery time, amazing physio. I went to physio this morning so I’m feeling pretty pumped.

“All going really well with my knees. I’m really, really happy and thankful and grateful to my body for slowly recuperating.”

She continued to discuss her plans for the upcoming week: “I need to rest for a couple of days and then I start rehab on Monday."

"Strengthening and conditioning is something that I’m really looking forward to. This is very new to me. I’m laying in bed and it’s almost 10am but it’ll be for my own good.”

She also gave fans a look at her injured knee, spread out across the sofa as her dogs Phoebe and Marley comforted her.

As she was lounging with the pups, she said: “It's the first time in 10 years that I've had to be out, that I haven't been in the studio but I'm really happy to be clapping from home."

She previously took to Instagram to fully explain her injury: “So currently I have two things wrong with my knee. There’s a little bit of a tear on my meniscus and then there’s also a little cartilage flap behind my knee.”

“They’re very minor so instead of an op I got a knee injection so that’s good news. I mean, I am terrified of injections and needles. I hate needles so I’m glad that it happened already.”

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