Stephanie Davis shares heartbreaking miscarriage as she says I feel so lost

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Hollyoaks actress Stephanie Davis, who is best known for her portrayal of Sinead O'Connor in the Channel 4 soap, has tragically lost her unborn baby.

In a candid social media post, the star spoke out about the reasons for keeping her pregnancy 'quiet', posting a clip to Instagram with the caption: "Why I've been quiet [broken heart emoji].

"Didn’t know [whether] to post this or not just felt so lost recently. Is it no-one's business, or should I share my sadness or just keep it in and feel sad and alone like I do.

"As my followers I guess you know me pretty well. It was in fact your messages about my bad skin change, my heavy [calorie] intake, random food and hormones that made me check… I was pregnant."

She continued: "We only told close friends and family as wanted to wait till the 12 weeks safety mark even though I thought of course it would all be fine. I was so happy. Unfortunately I started getting pains and was under the hospital where they were keeping a close eye on on me.

"Scans and lots of bloods later I had the dreaded phone call off the hospital saying that my levels were dropping drastically, and sadly my pregnancy is no more," the star confessed.

"Then it was just the waiting game to start bleeding and lose what I dreamt about and was so happy about. I finally thought I had my happy ending.

"That’s why I’ve been quiet and today the dreaded pains and bleeding has begun, it makes it all real now that it’s over. I made this video that Ol and Cath actually had a good laugh at at the time when my hormones were all over the place, it gave them a good laugh watching me watch it on repeat sobbing with my hormones watching it over and over lol, but I loved it.

"My hormones were all over the place while I sat and re-watched it over and over crying happy tears. I wanted to end the video telling Caben he was going to have a brother or sister but we never got that far…

"I was so excited to finally get to enjoy very second of my pregnancy and it be a happy thing, I never thought I’d have the strength to go through another pregnancy as with Caben it was a horrific traumatic time, but I guess you heal and I couldn’t wait to have my happy ever after with Oliver and Caben and our baby.

"I feel all over the place right now and know I was early but it still hurts. I seen my whole future ahead of me and had my hand on my stomach every day.

"Just feel so lost right now and my hormones are understandably all over the place. I know one day I’ll get my happy ending but for now I just have to get through this. Sending all my love, Steph x."

Stephanie accompanied the caption with a clip of her taking a series of pregnancy tests, each time shaking her head at the camera until finally saying: "Wait… hang on. I need to show you this. No…"

Obviously stunned, Stephanie could be heard saying: "No, no, no," as she looked at the test in shock, before raising a hand to her face.

The star was crying as she scrutinised the test result, with a caption appearing on-screen which read: "I have wanted this for so long, with so many negatives. I genuinely thought I was seeing something. I guess that happens when you want something so much [all] the negative tests.

"I couldn’t believe my eyes!"

She explained she took another pregnancy test the next morning just to be certain, then sat down to tell her partner Oliver the news.

As he unpacked the positive test from a cardboard box, he clearly couldn’t believe it either, as Stephanie sat with her hands over her face before pulling him in for a sweet kiss.

Oliver could then be seen playfully trying the booties on his big toes as they celebrated the news of a positive test.

The box contained the test, a pair of white woollen baby booties, and a note telling Oliver that he would make an "amazing dad".

It also contained an emotional plaque which read: "Daddy to be… I’m so very little inside mummy’s tummy.

"But I know you’ll be the best daddy. I’m safe and warm, all tucked up in here. You talk to me lots so I know you’re near.

"I can’t wait to meet you, I know you can’t wait too."

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