Stacey Solomon rips into Joe Swash for looking like former EastEnders co-star

Loose Women panellist Stacey Solomon has taken to Instagram to rip into her partner Joe Swash for his poor DIY skills and also for looking similar to his former co-star, Patsy Palmer.

Pregnant Stacey, 31, shared an Instagram Story showing the latest update on her and Joe's home, Pickle Cottage, showing off their new painting work.

She began the clip by showing off her latest 'handy work' with Joe claiming it was all due to him putting in the graft, not his pregnant fiance.

Joe, 39, argued that he had painted the majority of the hallway, but Stacey revealed that although she only did one – compared to Joe's many – at least it was done properly.

The actor could be heard saying: "There's six of them on there and you did one of them."

To which, Stacey replied: "I done one really well though, you will have to go over the others.

"I am one coat Stacey, not 11 coats Joe."

She then joked that the former EastEnders star also resembled one of his former co-stars due to his attire.

She continued: "Talking of coats you look like Bianca from EastEnders."

Stacey is due to give birth to her daughter any day now, and the star also hit the headlines when she tried to have a moment's peace to herself when fiancé Joe Swash "gatecrashed" her evening.

Presenter and singer Stacey shared some candid snaps and videos on social media of the adorable interaction with Joe.

She wrote: "Was just sitting in the wardrobe about to have a cuppa and put some moisturiser on but Joe's gatecrashed my evening to practice his birth partner technique."

Stunning Stacey is sat wearing pink floral loungewear as Joe crouches behind her.

She joked: "If it's anything like the last time, I don't want it."

Much to Joe's embarrassment the soon to be mum-of-four revealed to fans how much he panicked during Rex's birth.

She laughed: "The last time I went into labour, Joe panicked so much I thought something was wrong.

"All I could hear was 'is that the right amount of blood? Are you sure there should be that much blood there?'" she joked.

Joe insists he's a lot more prepared now and promised he will give her massages and blow cold air into her face to cool her down.

He said: "I know what to expect this time, so you're fine, lots of massaging, lots of blowing, lots of rubbing."

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