Shelby Tribble wants ‘surgery’ after social media shattered her confidence

TOWIE 's Shelby Tribble has found social media a particularly tough place to be as a new mum, saying it makes her "feel so s***" and she now "hates" herself.

As a result of her low self-esteem she now wants to adapt her image by undergoing "face and body full of surgery" to make herself feel better.

The 28-year-old, gave birth just over two months ago, becoming a mum for the first time, welcoming Abel into the world with boyfriend Sam Mucklow.

Not feeling like her best self, Shelby took to her Instagram story with a makeup free snippet to tell fans why she just couldn't bare social media at the moment.

Shelby looked rather fed up in the clip, that read: "I barely spend time or post on my social media because every time I go on it, it makes me feel so s**t about myself and the way I look.

"To try and keep up with a certain standard is hard work. I already suffer with low confidence and self esteem. It honestly makes me want to get a face and body full of surgery."

At the moment, life is particularly tricky for the new mum with the coronavirus pandemic keeping her at home in lockdown,

The reality TV star explained how she'd never been over-confident and that because of this factor she ends up disliking herself.

She explained: "Lockdown is really getting to me now also, I feel like I don't have conversation in me at the best of times, now it's non-existent.

"I hate myself. I wish I was super confident."

Shelby has been adjusting to life as a mother alongside her former co-star and beau Sam Mucklow.

The couple met on the set of the ITV2 hit series The Only Way Is Essex, starting out as friends with their relationship eventually blossoming to more.

Due to a number of explosive arguments in front of the cameras, the pair decided to fight for their love and opted to walk away from the reality show.

Shelby always knew that Sam would make a fantastic dad and eventually a husband too.

Back in 2019, she told the MailOnline: "To me he’s an amazing man so why would I not see myself marrying and having kids with him.

"I really, really love him so of course that is the future. We want to get married and have kids.

"I definitely see that. I love him so so much."

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