Shawn Mendes Charms the Internet by Letting a 'Little Angel' Fan Kiss Him at His Denver Concert

Shawn Mendes is melting the hearts of fans everywhere!

On Thursday, the singer, 20, shared adorable footage of him approaching an excited fan in the crowd during a recent concert in Denver, Colorado.

In the slow-motion clip, Mendes leans down toward the young fan to give her a hug and then surprises everyone by sweetly letting her plant a kiss on his cheek. The little girl is then captured beaming as Mendes pulls away from their embrace.

“Got a kiss from a little Angel in Denver the other night x,” he captioned the black-and-white video, which was recorded by Connor Brashier.

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Of course, his kind-hearted gesture did not go unnoticed.

Besides the endless amount of fans who were quick to commend the Canadian pop star for being so charming and classy, Halsey also picked up on the kiss, as first noticed by Comments by Celebs.

“Why are you the sweetest boy in the world” Halsey, 24, adoringly wrote beneath the clip.

“She will never ever ever forget that moment,” wrote one fan on Mendes’ post.

“Class 👊🏼,” added someone else, while another argued, “To us you’re the angel 😇.”

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Mendes not only melts hearts; he also gets them racing!

Two weeks ago, the singer and Camila Cabello released a steamy music video for their hit new duet “Señiorita.”

In the Dave Meyers-directed clip, Cabello, 22, and Mendes play lovers — she, a waitress and he, a mysterious motorcycle rider — who can’t seem to quit one another.

The two meet in a club and have an instant connection as they cuddle up on the dance floor. That attraction boils over to a motel room, where they share a passionate evening (and morning).

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Cabello and Mendes previously worked together on their 2015 hit “I Know What You Did Last Summer,” which appeared on Mendes’ album Handwritten. The 2015 song helped spark relationship rumors between the pair.

And though their chemistry onscreen in the “Señiorita” music video is undeniable, the two have consistently confirmed that they are just friends. 

Mendes and Cabello had been working on the secret project for about nine months, the former Fifth Harmony star admitted during a live chat with fans on YouTube on Thursday, prior to the release.

Despite spending a lengthy amount of time on the video, the new song was recorded in April.

“Actually it’s been a long time coming,” she explained. “We really felt like it was the right time about two months ago.”

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