Sam Thompson is terrified of being an uncle – but Zara wanted to be a midwife

Made In Chelsea's Sam Thompson confesses he is "terrified" about becoming an uncle soon, as his sister is expecting.

Sam, 29, says he needs to "grow up" to persuade Louise, 31, that he's OK to look after the little one when it arrives.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star he revealed: "I'm terrified, to be honest, but I want to show her that she can be safe in the knowledge that she can leave a child with me.

"I'm in the process of trying to mature ever so slightly when it comes to serious stuff, because I want to be as involved in that kid's life as possible" he explains earnestly.

"I need to make sure that I am the man for the job. 'Okay, you need to go for dinner? Alright, leave that little one with me!" he jokes.

"And me!" says his girlfriend, Zara McDermott.

"Yes! Zara loves kids as well. She actually wanted to be… what did you want to be?" he asks.

"A midwife or a primary school teacher!" shouts Zara from across the room.

"Midwife or primary teacher, sorted! So she loves kids. I love kids. I don't know how good I am with them. I am a kid," laughs Sam.

"So I hope that with our combined powers, we could we can actually be very good Uncle and Aunt."

He pauses: "Actually, she could do the nappy s*** changing, that still doesn't appeal to me."

"I've been winding Louise up saying I'll just wait until the baby's 15 and then and then I'll take the reins and start pranking them."

The notorious joker goes serious again for a minute about his big sister: "Louise has always been a few steps ahead of me with everything we've done."

"Whether it's A-level results or finding the one or doing this job or that. So she's always paved the way and it's going to give me a really good insight into how it is raising a child."

Louise revealed she was expecting in May of this year, with her fiancé Ryan Libbey and has been keeping fans up to date with adorable snaps of her bump.

Sam has still managed to persuade her to take part in some of his fun videos since though.

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