Paul McCartney forced to hide cannabis crop he grows on farm from thieving teens

Sir Paul McCartney has admitted he has been left no choice to but to hide his hemp crop at his farm out of the sight of thieving teenagers.

The Beatles star has been growing the hemp, which is a form of cannabis plant, at his Peasmarsh family farm near Rye.

It seems that the local teenagers have got whiff of McCartney's green fingered project and have been attempting to steal his crop in an effort to get themselves high.

The 79-year-old musician said: “We grow crops, I like doing things like spelt wheat, rye, we grow peas.

“We’re actually just getting into growing hemp, the funny thing with government regulations is you’ve got to keep it where people can’t see it, because you get all the kids coming in and robbing it!”

Paul insists that within government regulation he is able to grow the hemp alongside rye, wheat and peas.

McCartney made his farm organic 20 years ago and has admitted that he gets a lot of satisfaction from using his land to be self-sufficient.

He said: “It’s organic. I went organic over 20 years ago. When I first bought the farm there were some fields where my farm guys would say, ‘There’s no worms in these fields. There’s no life.’

"That’s because basically all you did was put on pesticides and then put a fertiliser in. I thought, ‘OK, that’s a challenge, we’re going to go organic."

Paul has been smoking cannabis since 1964, when he was introduced to it by Bob Dylan – since then he had become a regular smoker and was subject to a few dealings with the law.

In the noughties, however, Paul gave up the smoking in order to be a good role model to his five children and his grandchildren.

The news comes after Paul gave fans a rare insight into his formative years by sharing a personal childhood photo on his social media last week.

He posted a snap of him as a young boy alongside his mother.

In the picture, Paul could be seen sitting by his mum’s feet in a black and white shot, wearing swimming trunks while mum Mary is sat on a deckchair dressed more modestly in a skirt and blouse.

The Beatles legend shared the picture with his 3.6million Instagram followers and wrote: "Today is the anniversary of my lovely mum's birth. Let's celebrate together – Paul."

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