Meghan and Harry must avoid big interviews to regain publics trust, expert says

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Reputation management and PR specialist Paul MacKenzie-Cummins believes Prince Harry and Meghan Markle should stop appearing on high-profile TV shows in order to salvage their relationship with the British public.

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex recently appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show where she discussed certain aspects of her marriage to Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex with the American host.

She also disclosed certain details regarding the Royal Family during her explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey in March this year.

Additionally, Harry took part in a series of interviews with Oprah for his Netflix docuseries The Me You Can't See.

But PR specialist Paul believes this type of media attention should be avoided.

Talking exclusively to Daily Star, Paul explained: "There was an outpouring of empathy for the couple when they stated they wished to avoid the same press intrusion as Princess Diana has been subjected to, who Harry blames for contributing to her tragic death.

"But that was all lost the moment they agreed to the interview with Oprah Winfrey earlier this year.

"Their reputations can be salvaged but they must agree on what they wish to stand for.

"Do they want to avoid press intrusion? Then stop appearing on high profile TV shows and negotiating $100 million deals with the likes of Netflix and NBC," he explained.

The managing director of Clearly PR also believes that the royal couple needs to focus more on their charitable efforts and "shine the light on those who are most disadvantaged and whose lives you can enhance."

He added: "The rapid deterioration in how the public perceived them then and now is of their own making.

"The Harry and Meghan debacle will invariably rumble on. If it wasn’t this, there would be some other publicity faux pas lurking just around the corner.

"To salvage their reputation means rethinking what they are doing and consider how their current course of action will impact both them and those they’re trying to help in the process."

In her recent interview with chat show host Ellen, Meghan revealed that she once went to a Halloween party with Prince Harry undercover before they were married.

Laughing while explaining her story, the former Suits actress said: "He came to see me in Toronto and our friends and his cousin Eugenie and now her husband Jack, they came as well.

"And the four of us sneaked out in Halloween costumes to have one fun night on the town before it was out in the world that we were a couple."

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