Kate Lawler is in the ‘darkest place she’s ever been’ since becoming a new mum

Kate Lawler has bravely spoken out about her struggles as she comes to terms with being a new mum, explaining that she's currently in "the darkest place she's ever been" since becoming a new mum.

The 40-year old also explained that she hadn't been "copying well mentally" as she neared "breaking point".

She recently found herself at the centre of backlash after sharing an Instagram tribute devoted to her beloved dogs instead of her new baby daughter Noa.

In the wake of post, the Big Brother star came up against nasty bullies who slammed her for not sharing an image of her adorable newborn.

Responding to haters, Kate fought back with a brave and honest post explaining that she isn't coping right now as a mum.

The starlet unleashed an emotional statement in a response to "hurtful comments" she'd received, hoping that trolls would think twice before commenting in future.

Her journey into parenthood hasn't exactly been plane sailing and Kate who welcomed Noa into the world last month has already been rushed to A&E three times after her daughter faced a number of health complications.

Kate explained: "I've done a few stories sharing the highs and lows because that’s the truth.

"Stop thinking that if you don't post a photo with your daughter or Mum in social media for Mother's Day you can't possibly love them."

In her heartfelt post she urged her following not to rely on social media to detail "the whole picture" and true extent of what someone is going through.

She went on: "But I'm as honest as I can be on here because it’s what feels right for me. When I'm having a s***ty day, it might make someone else feel better about the fact they're going through the same thing if I share it."

Speaking about motherhood, she added: "If you must know, being a mum to a newborn is not the best thing ever right now. It's broken me. I feel as though I’ve been treading water since February 11th and the last two days I’ve felt like I’m at breaking point.

"I’m not coping well mentally and wish I could be stronger for my daughter. I’m not enjoying what I’m going through, yes I’m struggling and you’re right, I am sad behind the eyes because I’ve always taken on new challenged like a duck to water but this one is testing me & I feel like I'm failing.

"I'm not afraid to say it because thanks to people like you, there's far too much pressure on new parents to say how blissful the 'newborn bubble' is when really it's different for every parent because every baby is different."

Kate's daughter suffered an infection soon after birth which meant that their journey as a family has been far from easy right from the offset.

She penned: "In Noa's case, of her first 33 days outside the womb, 14 were spent in hospital, she's still not sleeping (barely two hours a night) due to trapped wind, reflux or solid. We’ll know more as we’re taking her to the GP later today.

"But how dare you say I put my dogs before my child. They’ve not been walked half as much since she was born because she is right now the priority which again, makes me feel guilty as I can’t give my dogs the attention they’re used to.

“But I love my chid and for nearly five weeks, I’ve devoted myself to keeping her alive. I breastfeed day and night, I comfort, hold, kiss and cuddle her, bath and dress her, I sing and play with her. I’m trying to get to know her and learn what she’s communicating to me.

“It’s not been on Insta because I’m focusing on her, not doing a ton of InstaStories like before. I actually want to share all these new experiences with you but I’m putting Noa first and doing my job – being a Mother and making sure her needs are met."

She continued: "There have been moments of joy, but hand on heart, I’m just exhausted, frustrated and the newborn days are not what I thought they’d be. If that upsets or angers you then it’s your problem.

"I’m in the darkest place I’ve ever been in, trying to stay positive but I’m not the earth mother you want me to be so accept it and stop with the hurtful comments."

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