Jamie Lee Curtis brands some ex-lovers mistakes as she spills on regrets

Halloween actress Jamie Lee Curtis has opened up about some of her past "mistakes" – which includes some of the people she has slept with.

Jamie spoke to Jackie Brambles on her Greatest Hits Radio show on Monday (October 10).

During the chat, she reflected on her latest outing as Halloween’s Laurie Strode in the new horror sequel Halloween Ends.

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The star also looked back on her impressive Hollywood career that has spanned nearly five decades.

Jamie told the host about the secrets of learning to be so comfortable with being herself.

She explained: "That’s been hard-earned, that’s taken a while so if you look back there’s been some bad haircuts, some patterns I wish I hadn’t worn and some people I maybe wish I hadn’t slept with. There are mistakes, we make them and we learn.

"Life is like a Guess Who? game and you keep omitting the things that you’ve tried that don’t work for you and all of a sudden what emerges is who you are.

"I am the short-haired woman, who wears glasses and monochrome, and I have a very clear idea of who I am. I have tried to find my own mind and finding my own mind has taken a while… I’m open, I’m curious and I’m not afraid to say I’m wrong."

In her new 2022 film, the American actress returns as the iconic character Laurie – which she first played in the Halloween franchise 44 years ago in 1979.

Talking about her comeback, she said: "I decided to do the film in 2018 as it was 40 years later and Laurie was a very different person to the one she was in 1978. And that’s what the result of that kind of violence yields – someone who lives behind a chain link fence.

"I’ve loved the evolution of Laurie and I think it’s been a very intelligent interpretation and has ignited an entirely new cadre of fans of Laurie Strode in a shocking way.

"There are 15-year-olds who are astonished by me and I’m 64 years old. It’s been career-altering and life-altering for sure."

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