Jade Goody’s son Bobby Brazier credits Big Brother star for his model looks

Bobby Brazier has credited late mother Jade Goody for his model good looks.

Bobby modelled in a Dolce and Gabbana show at Milan Fashion Week earlier this year before much of Europe went into lockdown.

Now, the 17-year-old has credited his model looks to his late mother, Big Brother icon Jade, who died from cervical cancer when he was five.

Bobby said: “I look like my mum, I’m always being told that by everyone.

“I have her lips and smile – and her eyes.

“The rest of me is dad’s. As I grow up I’m starting to look more like him.”

The lad is now with agency Unsigned Group and also suggested that his younger brother Freddie, 16, could follow in his catwalk footsteps.

“He sees what I’m doing and wants to do the same,” Bobby said of his brother.

“There’s a couple of agencies interested, but he’s still young.”

Bobby emphasised how modelling is a tough job and his brother is not old enough to embrace it yet, with he himself only recently being up to the task after having been spotted by an agent in a coffee shop.

The elder son of Jade and presenter Jeff Brazier, 41, described how he also did not want to find success off the back of his parents’ names.

But he said that he “shouldn’t feel bad about that” familial link.

The 17-year-old doesn’t want to follow his parents into the realms of reality TV any time soon, unless he features on a show because he’s “Bobby the model, not Bobby the Brazier".

It comes as Jeff posted a caption to a photo that recognised how Bobby is now taller than dad.

Jeff penned: “Note to self. When you have a picture next to your eldest boy stand on a milk crate, a few books or at the very least your tip toes.”

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