J-Los anti-ageing secret makes her look 10 years younger

Jennifer Lopez turns 53 today. The pop sensation is celebrating her birthday a week after marrying old flame Ben Affleck in a Las Vegas style wedding.

The singer is looking as good as ever as she celebrates her birthday and new marriage.

As well as her huge music career, J-Lo is also know for her youthful appearance and radiant complexion.

As the star turns 53 many will be left wondering how she looks so young but you might be surprised to hear that her trick for maintaining a youthful glow is very simple – and free!

Here's everything you need to know about how to get that J Lo glow.

J-Lo's five secrets to great skin

In a recent edition of her cleverly named newsletter On The JLo, the singer told her fans about her skincare secrets.

For Lopez, who owns her own beauty brand, it all comes down to five simple S's – sunscreen, serum, supplements, sano and sleep.

But the most important of those is the one that anyone can do easily and for free – sleep!

In the newsletter J Lo said: "I've found however, that sleep to me is the most underrated beauty secret out there.

"It's one of the tenets of JLo Beauty and part of my 5S's: Sunscreen, Serum, Supplements, (vivir) Sano and SLEEP!

"Getting at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night can be a game changer."

Jennifer claims that sleeping well has helped her to look 10 years younger.

She went on: "Sometimes I wake up and say, 'Wow! I just lost 10 years off my face!

"That's what a good night's sleep can do for you, and it accumulates over time.

"For better or for worse, the pandemic slowed us all down, and it definitely slowed me down and made me realise that all we have control of is ourselves. So get your sleep!"

In an interview with In Style the singer went into more detail about the other S's, she told them: “The truth is, my secret to great skin is what I call the five S's: sleep, sunscreen, serums, supplements, and living a healthy, sane life, which in Spanish is called sana."

She revealed that as well as sleep, hydration was key, as she said: "When I started delving more into skin care, I learnt that inflammation is what causes ageing.

"You need to attack the inflammation with a great topical and a hydrating routine.”

As part of this, she recommended using least SPF 30 every day and incorporating olive oil into your skincare routine to deliver a youthful glow.

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