Inside Dermot O’Leary’s lavish £3.5m London home he shares with wife Dee and son

Dermot O’Leary lives in one of London’s poshest postcodes, in a beautiful wisteria-covered abode in Primrose Hill.

The 47-year-old presenter lives with his wife Dee Koppang, 42, and their baby son Kasper.

And with a £3.5million property all to themselves and a penchant for showing off their design skills, it’s no wonder the trio are living it up in a jealousy-inducing home that most would kill for.

Not to mention, the couple are one of the most loved-up in the industry, after getting married nearly a decade ago.

Their home is a typical London townhouse of its style, featuring plenty of Victorian accents and shapes.

Dermot and his wife have also taken care to cultivate an incredible growth of the stunning violet-shade wisteria plant all the way across the sides of the house.

Built in red brick, the home stands proud and also features some delicately styled black railings and even a purpose-built roof-top area for the family to enjoy in the summer months.


Dermot and Dee’s kitchen perfectly shows off the couple’s decision to incorporate an eclectic mix of decor for their family home.

A set of large grey and glass cupboards lined their walls in one snap, with a flashy neon anchor on the left-hand side.

The couple’s counters are of a plain design, but they have been sure to add in some open wood shelves and an old-style country sink.

Dermot’s large London home also features a small dining table to perch and entertain while someone’s cooking up a storm for guests.

In many of the snapshots into Dermot and Dee’s home, it appears either they or the previous owner has decided to renovate the traditional Victorian style of the house.

In one hilarious image of Dermot dressed to the nines, he faces off with his cat in the main kitchen area, and fans can see more modern floor-to-ceiling picture windows have been installed on the side of the house.

The couple has also fitted in-built ceiling lights to create a more modern and luxurious feel.


Dermot’s lounge is filled with prints, artwork and trinkets galore.

Having opted for a slightly quirkier parquet-style floor design that stands out against the cream walls, wall lights and old-fashioned candle-stick holders adorn the room.

In one snap of the beautiful Dee, who wore a fitted white button-down skirt complete with an oversized belt, fans could also spy the couple’s gold drinks bar in the background – something that’s very much in fashion with home decor at the moment.

On the other side of the same shot, a dark plush sofa took up centre stage of the floor, and an inbuilt mirror lined the wall.

The couple are clearly into their butterflies, as a selection of different-sized frames showcasing the delicate creatures also lined one wall.

Staircase and Corridors

One of the most enviable features of the couple’s home is their unusually designed open staircase.

The set is a statement feature running from the open-plan kitchen into the hallway.

Dermot’s house has been a carefully decided mix of old and new and features all manner of rustic features.

But there are just as many modern twists, including the exposed brickwork at the top of the incredible stairway.

The bannister and rails are in keeping with the period, decorated in a traditional white on the poles while a dark wood handrail offsets the pale colours.

The walls are a mix of off-white and grey-blue.

In one adorable snap of the TV presenter holding his tot on the top of the stairs, fans could see the extent of his unusual half-moon statement window – featuring stained glass square panels of blue and white stars in all four corners.

Dee has also shared a number of selfies of her getting ready to head out in one of the family’s spacious corridors.

With solid wood flooring and calming shades of white everywhere, one picture of the mum-of-one wearing a casual jumper and leggings combo also showed a stunning statement mirror in the background.

The couple opted for a gold sunburst design, and the enormous decoration covered an entire wall.

Home office

Following the last year, in particular, many celebrities (and the rest of the nation) have had to improvise and create more sustainable and innovative working spaces in their homes.

Dermot is no different and has shared a number of pictures slipping into his radio headphones or sitting in front of his computer in cute and cosy areas of the house.

The presenter and his wife seem to like to show off a beautiful display of greenery at all times, as well as an array of mismatched decor pieces, and these working rooms are no different.

The former Big Brother's Little Brother host has been seen working from a corner of the house to do Zoom interviews, and also has a purpose-created room for radio – complete with a giant microphone, double screens and an enormous plant in the corner by his desk.

In another black-and-white shot, the married couple’s printer sat on top of a small dressing table as their curious feline looked ready to pounce.

Dermot and Dee may choose to move on or expand as their son grows, or perhaps if they welcome the pitter-patter of more tiny feet, but for now this pair seem completely settled in their north London digs.

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