Gordon Ramsays life – bitter chef feuds, near-death experience and tragic loss

Kitchen Nightmare host and multi-time Michelin star-accredited chef, Gordon Ramsay, 54, has had a unique life filled with ups and downs.

The famous chef had a troubled childhood after being raised by an alcoholic father, but has left his old life behind him.

However, his younger brother, Ronnie, has struggled with drug addiction throughout his life and was even arrested for heroin possession in February 2007 after entering a supermarket in an island off of Bali.

Gordon's life went in the opposite direction as he rose to fame on a number of cooking related shows and settled down with wife Tana, welcoming five children who he shares his huge London with.

Marriage to Tana Ramsay

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The Hell's Kitchen star married Cayetana Elizabeth Ramsay, known as Tana, in 1996.

Sharing a passion for food, Tana has written several cookbooks, but previously worked as a school teacher.

The pair have five children including Tilly Ramsay, the youngest star of this year's Strictly Come Dancing.

Their other children include Megan (b.1998), Holly (b.1999), Jack (b.1999) and Oscar (b.2019).

Megan ran the London Marathon in 2017 in memory of a miscarriage Tana suffered five months into her pregnancy the previous year.

Tana opened up about the loss they faced last month, writing on social media: "If all had gone as we hoped yesterday 14/10/21 would have been our little boy Rocky’s 5th birthday, the day he was due not the day he was actually born when he was too little to survive.

“Not a day goes by when we don’t think of him, but, it wasn’t meant to be.

"We have gone on to be blessed and will be eternally grateful, but shall always remember our angel baby with a heart bursting with love and many many tears."

Celebrity feuds

Gordon worked for Michelin star chef Marco Pierre White as an apprentice, but the pair did not get along.

Marco recalled: "Gordon crouched down in the corner of the kitchen, buried his head in his hands and started sobbing” after he was shouted at by the hot-headed chef.

Gordon later said he disliked "two-faced" Marco the most out of any chef, even saying he looked like "someone from the Taliban."

Marco appeared on the cover of The Sunday Times Magazine holding Gordon's head on a platter.

But, that's not the only chef Gordon has feuded with. He's called Jamie Oliver fat, criticised Iron Chef America star Mario Batali's restaurant and even told Great British Bake Off host, Prue Leith, to stop "waffling on" when she spoke out about chefs who gave the industry a bad name.

Multi-million pound estate

Gordon owns a number of properties, including a seven million pound mansion in Wandsworth, London.

Although the TV chef admitted he lost £57 million during the Covid pandemic, he plans to build a lavish renovation with an additional bedroom, shower, wine room and plant area.

Gordon also owns a four million pound mansion in Trebetherick, another four million pound property in Rock, both located in Cornwall.

Near death experience

In 2008, whilst filing a puffin hunting segment in Iceland's Westman Islands, Gordon nearly drowned after falling off of a 85ft cliff.

The Masterchef star said, "I thought I was a goner" after he was submerged in the icy water for at least 45 seconds.

Gordon managed to resurface by removing his heavy boots and waterproof clothing so the film crew could pull him up using a rope.

The father-of-five recalled: "I was panicking and my lungs were filling with water. When I got to the top after getting my boots off, I was dazed and my head was totally massive."

He added: "When I was underwater all I could think of was Tana and my kids. It wasn't until I was on the plane home I realised what a close call I'd had."

Jailed father-in-law

Gordon worked with his father-in-law, Chris Hutcheson, for much of his restaurant business, as partners in Gordon Ramsay Holdings Limited.

However, after growing suspicious of Hutcheson and having him followed by a private detective, Gordon discovered his father-in-law was stealing money and attempting to hack into the company computers.

Gordon issued a statement to the press about Hutcheson's "manipulative behaviour" after discovering he borrowed up to £1.5 million, though Hutcheson claims to have paid the money back.

In 2017 Hutcheson pleaded guilty to a charge of conspiracy to hack into the computers of Gordon Ramsay Holdings Limited.

In 2014, Gordon was forced to pay more than one million pounds in legal costs and outstanding monies after his father-in-law misused a ghost-writing machine, making Gordon the personal guarantor for the £640,000 annual rent of "York & Albany pub."


The chef has recently come under fire for claims of fat-shaming after his daughter took a stand against it.

Vlogger and Strictly star, Tilly Ramsay, 19, recently called out LBC host Steve Allen after he called her a "chubby little thing" live on air.

However, Gordon has been accused of fat-shaming throughout his career, as on the set of Hell's Kitchen, Gordon called contestant, Sara Horowitz, a "fat cow" and a "fat-mouthed stupid little b****."

He also told fellow contestant Clemenza Caserta that his chef’s whites "look like a tepee" and that they could be used to sail across the Atlantic.

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