Gemma Collins branded ‘fat cow’ in front of her mum by abusive man in street

Gemma Collins heartbreakingly broke down crying in front of Piers Morgan as she recalled the time a man abused her in the street in front of her mum.

While appearing on his show, Life Stories, Gemma opened up on a number of areas in her life including on fame and her horrible accounts of trolling and bullying.

Piers played a clip on a screen in front of Gemma which showed her loved ones and people she works with addressing the hate she gets.

The reality TV star revealed she has had people shout at her in the street and on one occasion a man abused her in front of her mum who was left "extremely upset" by the abuse.

After watching the clip, Gemma patted away her tears as she said to Piers: "That's hard to watch.

"I've, well you don't forget it but that's the downside to fame. I'm a lot more comfortable now in my own skin"

Piers replied: "The viciousness of that, you know we found some of these messages 'Please leave TOWIE and die, you hurt my eyes when you come on TV. Please just die you waste of oxygen, you're just a fat attention seeking b…' and so on. I mean utterly vile."

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He continued: "And I would normally say well they'd never say it to your face, but some people did say this to your face. They would shout it in the street at you."

Gemma then recalled how one time she was sitting outside eating with her mum when a van pulled up and started abusing her.

The star said: "It was so embarrassing once, I was taking my mum for lunch, a van pulled up and they started abusing me.

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"It wasn’t for me, I felt so hurt that that happened in front of my mum."

Gemma said the man called her a "fat c***" and a "fat cow" right in front of her mother.

"'Look at you stuffing your face', they shouted. Again, I’m used to it but I didn’t want my mum to hear it," Gemma said.

Asked if her mum was upset over the incident, Gemma replied: "Very upset, yeah."

Piers then asked: "You've talked very openly about an ongoing struggle with your weight. Obviously it's a part of your life.

Gemma replied: "Yeah. I think I have always turned to food in-in times of crisis.

"I mean any occasion, if I'm happy I eat, if I'm sad I eat. But I think it's about dealing with your emotions and trying to find a way of dealing with them in a healthy way and not turning to something that can harm you. Cos it is like a form of self-harm."

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