Elvis Presley’s spirit ‘is living in Graceland’ claims Priscilla ‘Trust me, I feel him’

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2022 is a hugely significant anniversary year for Elvis Presley fans with it being 40 years since Graceland opened to the public, 65 years since the star bought the Memphis mansion and 45 years since The King’s death at just 42-years-old. Today marked what would have been his 87th birthday, with fans gathering outside the house to watch the annual proclamation ceremony and cake cutting. His ex-wife Priscilla Presley, the mother of his only child Lisa Marie Presley, made a touching speech in which she asserted she could sense Elvis inside Graceland.

Following speeches by DJ Argo of Elvis Radio, CEO of Elvis Presley Enterprises Jack Soden and President of Memphis Tourism Kevin Kane, Priscilla took to the podium in front of a crowd of fans.

The 76-year-old, who was married to The King from 1967-1973 said: “Y’know it’s bittersweet for me to be here in front of Graceland. Y’know it’s 45 years since his passing and I still can’t believe it. I still think he’s here. I still feel him here. I go in Graceland, I feel his spirit. It’s honest God’s truth. I know he’s living there! Here’s there, trust me!”

“Elvis, yes, he was an image. But for you to get to know him as the person, as the man who he really was. [He was] a lot of fun…his humanity was very touching and very true. I know I’ve never met anyone like him. He was unique, special and he was meant to be here for a purpose. And he is!”

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Priscilla continued: “I’m still in awe that you’re still here supporting and keeping his legacy alive and that’s not going to stop…and we’re keeping him alive because guess what? He does it, he’s gonna get it and we’re gonna make him get it! Take a little slice [of cake] and wish him many, many, many more years of being alive and being here with us. Thank you.”

The King’s ex-wife made similar comments about the “very surreal” experience of sensing Elvis’ presence inside Graceland to The Guardian in 2015.

She spoke of taking on Elvis projects today and wondering if he would be comfortable with them, saying: “My mind goes ‘Am I doing the right thing?’ But then I think: ‘Yes, yes, I am. I know I am.’ It’s as if Elvis is guiding me. I’m being guided by this energy.”

Asked if she can communicate with The King, Priscilla said: “It’s more … his spirit is communicating to me. When I go to Graceland, my gosh. I can walk in that door and see him walking down the stairs, I can hear laughter, I can hear the music playing in the music room. It’s a very surreal feeling. But it’s not scary, it’s beautiful.”


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