Elvis Presley girlfriend: Were Elvis and actress Ann-Margret in a relationship?

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Elvis Presley dated quite a few women in his time, especially in his early days. His courting days were slowed when he joined the army, though he still found time to chat up his soon-to-be wife Priscilla while he was stationed abroad. This would have left some women potentially very disappointed, including actress Ann-Margret Olsson – also known simply as Ann-Margret.

Ann-Margret starred opposite Elvis Presley in Viva Las Vegas on which the singer also performed on the famous soundtrack.

Elvis was at the height of his fame at this point but was soon to enlist for his military service.

This would have left many women feeling lonely, had they hoped to spend some time with The King.

Ann-Margret may have been one of these, as she revealed many years after Elvis’ death.

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Speaking to US broadcaster Charlie Rose in November 1994, Ann-Margret opened up a small amount about her relationship with The King.

She said: “He was extremely special; he was very strong.

“Our relationship was very strong and very serious and very real.

“We were together for one year. And he trusted me and I do not want to betray his trust even in death.

“I knew him very, very well. There’s been so much written which has been negative – I want to celebrate his life, the man that I knew.”

According to Ann-Margret, she was with the singer for some time, with USA Today claiming she was the only woman his soon-to-be wife, Priscilla, feared.

Ann-Margret claimed Elvis would send her flowers every time she performed in Las Vegas, with them arriving in the shape of a guitar, even in the years during and after his marriage to Priscilla.

Charlie, a fan of the singer himself, revealed in the interview how Ann-Margret knew Elvis had died, which had a tragic link to these flowers.

He said: “He sent flowers and you knew he was dead when the flowers didn’t arrive – he’d send you flowers whenever you had a new engagement in the shape of a guitar?”

Ann-Margret, clearly becoming choked up at the memory, quietly replied: “It was unreal. It was just unreal… because I’m real private, and he was too.”

Ann-Margret and Elvis’ relationship took place after they met on the movie set, which was filmed during the summer of 1963.

At this time, Elvis had been courting a young Priscilla Beaulieu, whom he had brought from Germany after serving in the US Army, and had her living at Graceland.

This likely would have caused friction between Elvis and Priscilla, given she had left her home and family to be with him.

While she didn’t want to reveal too much about Elvis’ demise in her rare interview, Ann-Margret was happy to “cherish his memory” by speaking about good times with him and how she wanted him to know how loved he was during his life.

She continued: “He was so gifted and it makes me extremely angry that all of a sudden all these people who made fun of him right near his death, all of a sudden, posthumously, right after he passed on, where writing reams and reams of stories on him how gifted he was.

“Why didn’t they do that when he was alive?”

She also spoke of how “considerate” he was, even to the extent of getting Ann-Margret to go to her neighbour’s house to wish her a happy birthday.

Ann-Margret added: “He was just so sensitive and considerate. He knew about honour and respecting your elders and manners and being civilised.

“He loved his family. Loved his parents, and he loved his little daughter so much.”

In the end Elvis and Priscilla were together, though only for a few years before their divorce and, ultimately, Elvis’ death in 1977.

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