EastEnders Adam Woodyatt leaves home for £100,000 motorhome after exit

EastEnder's Adam Woodyatt has moved out of his house and into his £100,000 motorhome.

The soap star, best known for playing Ian Beale on the show for 38 years, is taking a break from the show.

The 53-year-old bought the Burstner motorhome for a theatre tour of Looking Good Dead last year after splitting from his wife of 22 years.

And he admitted he enjoys life on the road so much, he has no plans to go back to his old London house.

Adam said: “Because of Covid I thought: ‘I don’t really want to be staying in hotels all the time and just living out of a suitcase’. I wanted to enjoy it more.

“So I had a chat with Shane Richie – because he has a motorhome for whenever his band are on tour, except he doesn’t let anyone else drive it other than him.

“I just thought it’s probably the best way of doing it: I’ve got all my stuff with me, I can cycle from wherever I park in the motorhome to the theatre… this will work.

“I got the motorhome before the tour started, because I thought I’d need to learn how to do everything.

“Literally after two days, because my daughter was with me at the time, I phoned her up and said, ‘Jess, when are you moving to America?’.

“She said, ‘July, Dad’. I said, ‘Ok: make sure you clear your room out because it won’t be here when you get back. I’m enjoying living in the motor home so much I think I’m going to stick to it’.

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“And I have – it’s now been 14, 15 months I’ve been doing it, and I’m absolutely loving it.

“I have no plans to move out. It’s a completely different way of life, and it suits my life at the moment.”

Woodyatt, the longest-serving actor on Albert Square added his new way of life made him realise how little he needs to get by.

“Most of my life is in storage,” he told the White Wine Question Time podcast.

“I’ve got my coffee machine, my iPad, computer, my phone, my fishing gear, all my cooking equipment, and I’ve got my bike – and that’s pretty much it.”

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