Dua Lipa ‘terrified’ LP Future Nostalgia won’t live up to success of first album

Dua LIpa has announced her second LP will be titled Future Nostalgia but she ­admitted she was terrified to come back after the crazy success of her debut.

The Don’t Start Now ­songstress confessed to ­feeling “terrified” that her next album could never live up to the same success she had with self-titled ­effort, which saw her win the Grammy Award for Best New Artist.

Dua revealed: “You never really know how people will respond and I feel the music is a little different to what people have heard before. It is still pop but it has disco influences and it’s 80s inspired.

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“Especially after the Grammys everyone was like, ‘Now you’ve got a lot of pressure, you really have to come back with something special for the second album.’ I was terrified.

“I definitely felt the pressure but I realised I just want to have fun with it and I wanted to mature as an artist in that sense.”

Dua announced the record by unveiling a tattoo of the title on her arm – and has said she wanted it to feel like a completely different era.

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She continued: “Because I have been touring for so long, I wanted it to be a bit more instrumental and I wanted it to be different.

“I didn’t want to feel that I am trying to recreate anything from the first record. I want it to live in its own lane, I suppose.”

And she’s set to take the record on her “biggest tour to date” in 2020.

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