Dolly Partons huge net worth means she wont have to work a nine-to-five

Dolly Parton is a music legend and has been one of the most iconic figures in the industry for several decades.

The star is now 75 but has shown no signs of slowing down. She wowed Brits at the famous Glastonbury festival in 2014 and drew a crowd reportedly as large as 180,000 people.

Her huge success has spanned a wide range of albums that are successful across the world, and her appeal seems to be a knack for writing the songs that relate to the everyday Joe – or Jolene.

Dolly has gained a reputation for being kind in her career and often shows gratitude for her fans.

She revealed how she stays so optimistic in an interview with Southern Living: "Just being grateful for the things that happen to [me]. I think that also came from my childhood—my grandfather was a preacher—just having God, faith, and all that [was] instilled in us.

"But I like to make things happen if they're not happening. I like to get involved."

With so much success, Dolly has earned a huge fortune during her career, but how much is she worth?

What is Dolly Parton's net worth?

Dolly Parton is estimated by Celebrity Net Worth to have a fortune of around £490 million, more than enough for a few islands in a stream somewhere.

It may come as a surprise to know that Dolly has never summited the top of the UK albums chart in her long career, but she has still achieved astronomical success, selling over 100 million records reportedly. Hits like 'Jolene' and '9 to 5' have helped along the way.

Financially shrewd, Dolly even turned down music's king, Elvis Presley.

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During the 1970s, Elvis wanted to cover 'I Will Always Love You', written by Dolly, but she said no as his manager wanted half of the publishing rights signed over.

The savvy Dolly refused, as she did when Whitney Houston covered the song years later. Whenever that version is played on the radio, Dolly gets a cut.

Her influence has continued and she now has over 4.6 million followers on Instagram.

Inside Dolly Parton's relationships and marriages

Dolly and her husband Carl Dean met outside the Wishy Washy Laundromat in Nashville in 1964 when Dolly was 18 on the first day she was in the famous country music city.

Carl has become known for avoiding the limelight as after the two attended an awards dinner, he asked if he could avoid such events in the future.

Parton recalled: "After the dinner, Carl turned to me and said, 'Dolly, I want you to have everything you want, and I'm happy for you, but don't you ever ask me to go to another one of them dang things again!'"

Dolly once said that the song Jolene was written about a woman Carl was spending time with at the bank.

However, Dolly has since said Jolene is not actually about anyone at a bank but instead revealed that Jolene was a fan she met at a show, whom she promised to write a song about.

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