Charlotte Crosby jokes when fame ends shell work as Michael Jackson tribute

Charlotte Crosby joked she'd work as a Michael Jackson tribute act later in life if she lost her fame.

The MTV star, 31, chose to hit back at fans and nasty comments online while putting her own humorous spin on it.

The reality TV star did her own version of reading mean tweets on her YouTube channel for fans.

Mean Tweets, which started on the US TV show Jimmy Kimmel live, is where celebrities read through mean or hilarious posts people write on social media.

Some of the tweets are usually just written about the stars and in some daring cases, they tag who they are referring to in the post – with the risk it may be seen.

At the beginning of the clip, The Geordie Shore member admits she doesn't like to read negative posts on social media.

Charlotte reads one message out from someone who says: "I'm at a point where I can't tell the difference between Charlotte Crosby and Caitlyn Jenner – who is who these days?"

But the star wasn't having any of it.

She responded to the camera: "I'm not having that, I have been compared to a lot of celebrities but not Caitlyn Jenner.

"Have you been living under a f*****g rock?

"I am Michael Jackson! I'm the King of Pop."

She then explains that the social media user should have picked the late singer because of the 'thousands' of articles claiming Charlotte looks like Jackson.

"The nose job," Charlotte added, "That's where it started.

"You know where this all ends? Michael Jackson tribute act, that's how I'll make my money."

The celeb then dials her mum to speak to her about the tweet.

Her mum was in shock: "Oh my god. That is such ***. I'm Caitlyn Jenner and you're Michael Jackson."

Then the pair jokingly say goodbye to each other as Caitlyn and Michael.

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Other mean tweets led to Charlotte revealing that she 'soiled herself' while on tour after she was having so much fun she peed herself through laughing.

The hilarious video has already been seen more than 10,000 times.

Fans took to the comments to respond to the bizarre revelations from the clip.

One wrote: "Charlotte our British reality TV queen! Making us laugh for over a decade.

Another penned: "Charlotte's humour has always been amazing."

A third then added: "I love how you turn nasty comments into humour! I get it's a serious issue but I love the "up yours" attitude to the haters!"

A fourth fan said: "I'm so glad I found this channel, I can't get enough of Charlotte."

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