Charlize Therons hottest on-screen moments from sheer lingerie to racy romps

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Blonde Hollywood bombshell Charlize Theron never fails to impress audiences worldwide with her incredible talent and her drop dead gorgeous looks.

With a career that spans over twenty years, the South African American actress has been a staple fixture in the Hollywood circuit and has received a number accolades under her belt.

Although she is most remembered by fans for her awarding winning performances in films such as Monster and Mad Max: Fury Road, many cannot deny that Charlize is one of the most sexiest women to grace our screens.

With her striking blonde locks and incredibly toned physique, Charlize definitely makes sure she turns heads.

So to celebrate her 46th birthday, Daily Star have taken a look back at the actress' most sexiest on screen moments.

2 Days in the Valley

Charlize wowed audiences when she starred in the 1996 crime thriller 2 Days in the Valley.

Playing the character Helga Svelgen who is the girlfriend of hitman Lee Woods, Charlize is remembered by fans for her jaw dropping looks throughout the flick.

Although the film received mixed reviews, Charlize's undeniably gorgeous appearance most definitely drew her attention.

In one scene, Charlize oozes sex appeal while wearing a white underwired bodysuit while she opens her legs in full view of the camera.

She also gets hot and bothered in a fight scene with Teri Hatcher.

Reindeer Games

Actress Charlize amazed her fans when she showed off her incredible physique in the 2000 crime action movie Reindeer Games.

Starring alongside Ben Affleck, Charlize plays the seductress Ashley Mercer.

In one of the scenes, the bombshell can be seen arguing in a pool with another man while wearing a tiny black bikini.

But not so long after, Charlize seductively pulls the strings of her bikini top and exposes her bare chest to the man. While this is taking place, Ben's character Rudy Duncan watches the pair in awe.

In another scene, actor Ben and Charlize tear off each other's clothes and enjoy a wild sex session on the bed.

Atomic Blonde

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The 2017 film Atomic Blonde has a variety of sexy scenes, which will most likely leave fans hot and bothered.

The film follows the life of character Lorraine Broughton, who happens to be a spy working for the MI6.

Throughout the film, Charlize can be seen wearing very small outfits.

The stunning actress also puts on a tantalising displaying when she attaches a microphone to herself while wearing black fishnet tights and lacey black underwear.

She also kicks butt quick a lot in the movie too.

The Last Face

The film The Last Face has been described as one of Charlize's most sexiest films to date, and from the looks of it we can certainly see why.

Playing physician Wren Petersen, Charlize's character sets pulses racing with a hot and steamy sex scene.

The scene starts off with a shot of Theron holding a pencil in between her toes, as actor Javier Bardem’s character comes closer towards her.

He eventually grabs hold of her leg and it all gets rather intense from there.

The Devil’s Advocate

The 1997 movie The Devil's Advocate cemented Charlize's place in Hollywood as she impressed viewers with her amazing talent.

The alluring film stars actors Al Pacino and Keanu Reeves while Charlize plays Keanu's partner.

Charlize's character Mary Ann Lomax goes through quite a stressful time when she discovers that her partner's manager happens to be the devil himself.

Throughout the movie, Charlize can be seen wearing a variety of hairstyles such as a choppy pixie cut as well as luscious bouncy curls.

She also gets involved in saucy yet hallucinating sex scene with The Matrix star Keanu.

Mad Max: Fury Road

Throughout her career Charlize has never shied away from roles where she kicks a**. And the 2015 film Mad Max: Fury road is certainly no exception to this.

Some critics believed the blonde beauty upstaged the titular Max in George Miller's blockbusting and crowd-pleasing action epic.

Her character Imperator Furiosa only has one arm in the film and yet effortlessly handles any man who crosses her path.

She even takes on British actor Tom Hardy in the film.

Sporting an edgy buzz cut, Charlize's beauty shines through as she demonstrates her sexy yet rebellious ways throughout the film.

She also wears a rather tight outfit which accentuates her curves.

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